Cherie Chan is another attention-grabbing reality star for her appearances on Netflix’s Bling Empire. She and her fiance wasn’t ready to star in the show initially but have changed ever since.

But Cherie’s relation is one of the sides of her that is grabbing people’s attention. Scroll down, as the wiki brings you further information on the reality star.

Cherie Chan Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Every year on 17 February, Cheri Chan celebrates her birthday. Even though the exact birthday is yet to be known, she is presumably in her 30s and looking the best that she ever did.

Per her date of birth, Aquarius is her zodiac sign.

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Cherie Chan Wiki — Family, Ethnicity, Hometown

Cheri Chan was born to her anonymous parents in her hometown of Los Angeles, California. As of this writing, no further information has surfaced in the public domain. Furthermore, she is of Chinese-American ethnicity.

Cherie Chan lost her mother in 2019 and believed her second child is the reincarnation of her parents. Furthermore, no information on her other family members surfaced as of this writing.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Writing a few words about her physical attributes, Cherie Chan stands tall at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters). Likewise, she weighed not more than 50 kilograms (110 lbs) owing to her slim appearance.

Cherie has big eyes and pale skin which are also her distinct features.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Coming to her social media reach, Cherie Chan attended 1 million followers on the platform as of Sept 2021. However, she was nowhere to be found on including on Facebook and Twitter.

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Cherie Chan Net Worth, Job, Bling Empire

Cherie Chan almost made it as a pop star in Japan when she was younger. She even signed deals with Sony Music. However, her mother didn’t want her to pursue a career in music.

In fact, Cherie put aside her dream to become a pop star. She also started an organic tequila brand titled Religion Tequila. She collaborated with her boyfriend Jessey for that.

Additionally, Cherie Chan is the heiress to a vast denim empire. The company is run by her uncle as of this writing. On top of that, her long-time boyfriend Jessey also “owns a furniture empire.”

As for Netflix’s new show, Cherie and her fiance were hesitant to arrive on Bling Empire. The couple wanted to take the permission of her parents first as Asians are private about their life.

It was hard for Cherie to convince her fiance to star on the show. However, Cherie saw the opportunity to share the cultural values through the reality show, so his skeptics disappeared.

Now the couple is very glad they starred in the show. Overall, Cherie Chan accumulated a total net worth of at least $10 million.

Cherie Chan & Jessey Lee: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee had been together for five years as of the time of filming the show. And during this time, the couple had two kids in total.

However, most Asian culture doesn’t approve of them having children before marriage. The pair had their first daughter named Jadore in 2017. Whereas, they welcomed their second child named Jevon in 2019.

But, Cherie and Jessey, both being American-Chinese, had their kids before marriage and still lived happily. When Cherie was pregnant with her second baby, she wanted to get married.

Despite his love for Cherie Chan, Jessey didn’t want to marry her at the time. As Jessey assured, it was never the lack of commitment inside of him which caused that feeling.

To buy some time, Jessey Lee presented Cherie Chan with a promise ring assuring her of an engagement towards her way.

A few months passed by and Jessey threw no signs of getting married. Even Cherie’s friends were impatient of Jessey Lee. Eventually, Cherie decided to propose on the occasion of Jevon’s 100-day party.

The proposal made him nervous but accepted his proposal in the end. In the season finale of the show, the party.

Now the question remained, are Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee still together? Well, as of 2021, they were still committed and happily engaged with each other.

In Aug 2021, Jessey proposed again. He and Cherie got engaged at the Jacquemart-André Museum in Paris. By his admission, everything about the engagement went as planned.

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