Food Network’s The Kitchen star Sunny Anderson’s journey, from a career in the military to becoming a household name as a well-respected chef in the United States, is quite an intriguing one. She also gained attention with her relationship and dating life. She also addressed being called lesbian for supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Scroll down as this article addresses all the aspects of her life starting with her short bio.

How Old Is Sunny Anderson?

For Sunny Anderson 9 April is a very special day in her life. She turned 45 years old while celebrating her birthday in April of 2020 Based on that piece of information, Sunny secured Aries as her zodiac sign.

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Sunny Anderson Parents, Siblings

Sunny Anderson was born to her father Thomas Anderson and her mother Linda Anderson in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, the United States.

Talking about her parents’ occupation, Thomas Anderson was a retired Army Colonel who attended a South Carolina State University. Whereas, her mother hailed from Fayetteville, North Carolina. All because of her father’s fast-moving career, the family traveled domestic and foreign bases.

Her grandparents still reside in her hometown and their Elloree farm provided the fondest memories of South Carolina. The family of both of her parents owned farms in Carolina so they had plenty of cooking and eating to do. On one of her Instagram post dated 3 June 2020, she cared mentioning having a brother whose details remain obscure as of this moment.

As of this writing, Sunny Anderson resides in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, with her rescue pets.

Sunny Anderson Height, Weight Loss

Based on the tweet Sunny Anderson posted on 30 July 2018, she stands tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters). At one point in her life, she weighed about over 90 kilograms (200 lbs) and was medically claimed obese.

However, Sunny has lost a sizable amount of weight and fans also took notice of it. Plus, she also tweeted about not worrying about her bodyweight and ruining her mental state as it does to many people. Additionally, her doctor told her that the size 16 is ok and she was doing fine and so did her partner. Also as a joke, she tweeted about the necessity for naturally skinny people to eat healthy to relax.

Sunny addressed herself and people like herself as metabolism losers and desired the requirements of better genetics. Moreover, she also dedicated a whole post on Facebook that went in deep about why she took the route of weight loss. In the post, Sunny discussed finding herself in plus size store clueless about the sizes, a rude stylist mailing her plus-sized clothes for an MTV gig, bringing home cloth that didn’t fit within a month, hard breathing while tying shoes, swollen ankle because of her weight, and a few others.

Her Social Media Reach

As Sunny’s career as a celebrity chef progressed, so did her social media reach. As of Jan 2021, she gathered 99.6k followers on her verified Twitter account. Likewise, her Instagram account boasted a very impressive 602k followers. Whereas, her popularity on Facebook demonstrated the same level garnering 445k followers.

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Sunny Anderson Net Worth

Following high school graduation in San Antonio, Sunny Anderson enlisted in the Air Force in 1993. During her service there, she worked as a military radio host both along with gigs in radio and television. After four years of service in the military, Sunny was discharged honorably in 1997 when she ranked up to become a senior airman. But, during her time in the military, she understood that food meant cooking.

From 1995 to 2001, Sunny worked in various radio stations as a radio personality. And in 2001, she moved to New York and landed an on-air position at WQHT FM.

She loved cooking, loved the food scene in New York, and started cooking for her friends but definitely charged for the groceries. One of the listeners of the Sunny was Food Network’s Emeril Live’s co-ordinator. Starting from 2007, Sunny started co-hosting Food Network’s series of specials Gotta Get It, a food gadget show.

From childhood trips to visit family in Elloree, owning a business, to hosting a cooking show, Sunny definitely came a long way in her career. And, she credits it all to the support she received from her parents.

Over the years, Sunny received credits for hosting or appearing in 51 different cooking shows that included Cooking for Real, How’d That Get On My Plate, The Kitchen, Today, All-Star Best Thing I Ever Ate, Good Morning America, Home & Family, Bakers & Fakers, The Talk, Cooks & Cons, The Kitchen Sink, Top 5 Restaurants, Home Made in America, and many more. Her experiences from her travels and unique flavors all blend in perfectly to prepare a mouthwatering dish.

Some of Sunny’s popular recipes included Pasta, Pancetta, and Peas, Sunny’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich Remake, Zucchini Pizza Bites, Huevos Rancheros, Oxtail Stew, Red Velvet Swirl Brownies, Bacon, Onion, and Cheese Stuffed Burger, Apple Compote, Tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta with Basil Oil. Sunny also published her debut cookbook Sunny’s Kitchen: Easy Food for Real Life that nominated as a New York Times best-seller cookbook.

In her cooking show The Kitchen, Sunny is always outside and fans are curious about the reason behind it. She films herself cooking at a grill outside for the Food Network. She initially made excuses about the remodeling of the house, but 8 months later she still cooked outside. The Kitchen started filming in April of 2020 at the time of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Food Network’s chef took to her Instagram to share she started cooking from Home. She endured scorching heat, rain, and sleet to cater the episodes from the show in 2020.

By January 2021, Sunny returned to the studio for the new episodes and still filmed outside while maintaining social distance. As a clarification she told followers, she still films outside for her own safety but the cold made her layer-up clothing and put herself in front of a camouflaged space heater. But the restless fans on Reddit made several assumptions regarding the reason behind outdoor cooking. Some claimed it was her idea of keeping Food Network’s camera away from her private life while others assumed she had a small kitchen to film the show.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sunny Anderson sits on a total net worth of $5 million.

Sunny Anderson Husband, Boyfriend, Lesbian

In a 2009 interview with, Sunny Anderson spoke publicly about her relationship. In the interview, she talked about having a boyfriend. But at the time, she avoided divulging information about her potential husband from the time.

But in December of 2016, Sunny tweeted about being in two relationships. Plus, she further wrote her parents only met two of her serious boyfriend as of the time of that article.

In January of 2017, Sunny shared about being in her home with her boyfriend. But only several months after, she shared hinted about being single. And even when she was single, the Food Network star talked gave a justifiable answer that better single and happy than being cheated on.

But by 2018, Sunny had already broken-up with her mysterious boyfriend. She also spoke about her dating life in school and told wrote that she dated a MONSTER. When googling her boyfriend, the first thing that popped up was his mug shot.

In 2013, rumors of Sunny’s romance with Chef Aaron Sanchez surfaced after his divorce from his wife Ife Mora. However, she turned down the rumor claiming him as her play boyfriend while tweeting about their rumored romance.

As for her marital status, Sunny Anderson was never married and didn’t have any children as of this writing. So, the queries regarding her husband remained out of question. She is also a huge supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and claimed she doesn’t been to be bi or lesbian to show the support.

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