Reina Westberg, an Instagram model from Seattle, Washington, got into a Twitter spat with another user in 2021. The argument was about cheating allegations. Two names Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman was dropped during the argument.

Let’s look more closely into the drama and learn more about Reina Westberg through this article.

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Reina Westberg Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Is She Pregnant?

Is Reina Westberg pregnant?

Yes, Reina Westberg is pregnant. On 6 September 2021, she posted a snap of her pregnant belly on her Instagram. Reina wrote the caption, “10/30/21 I love you,” probably the date she is going to welcome her child.

IG model Reina Westberg caught everyone’s attention when the name of two NBA stars was dropped during a Twitter argument on 6 September 2021. She and her counterpart both brought up the names during the cheating allegations. Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks star was the first and the free-agent cornerback, Richard Sherman was the second name that was brought up during the argument.

Reina got into a Twitter feud with a woman regarding the child she is pregnant with as of September 2021. Then, popped a video where Reina was arguing with the same woman during her baby shower. The feud hinted at a cheating accusation.

In the video, the woman arguing on the other side said some disappointing stuff about Reina’s unborn child. As a response to that, Reina also demeaned the woman calling her “miserable a**, old a** b***h.” In addition, she also cursed the kids she was having arguments with.

In the other half of the video that was shared on her Twitter, Reina attacked the woman’s appearance and her net worth.

Many people made claims that in all of this drama it seems the name of Russell Wilson was just thrown around and had nothing to do with it. Even on Twitter, users were claiming, Russell had nothing to do with Reina’s pregnancy as he was happy in a relationship with his girlfriend, Ciara.

But, Reina’s Twitter opponent claimed that Russell Wilson allegedly impregnated Reina’s best friend. As of this writing, Reina’s best friend remained away from the spotlight and it remained unclear if the allegations were true.

On the other hand, the police authority arrested Richard following a family problem that involved his wife Ashley Moss. As of this writing (early September 2021), they hadn’t separated or divorced.

How Old Is Reina Westberg?

Reina Westberg was born on 7 November 1996. She celebrated her 24th birthday in November 2020.

Her Family, Where Is She From?

Reina Westberg, hailing from her hometown in Seattle, Washington, was born to her anonymous father and mother Leda Becker. As the report showed, her parents were separated without any revelation on the cause behind it.

Later, Reina’s mother married Terry Becker. Together, Terry and Leda welcomed a daughter named Adelaide in February 2016. Bellevue College graduate, Terry worked as a police officer. Also, his Facebook account writes that he worked as a janitor at F1 consultancy.

Reina is a sister to Naione Westberg. Naione is probably married as she calls her partner her husband. Together, they are also parents to a son named Vez. Other family members include their grandmother Margarita Westberg and their cousin, Brady Louis Bracken who died on 15 November 2017.

Reina Westberg Plastic Surgery

Reina Westberg seems to have undergone a few plastic surgeries to look attractive. She might’ve done some work on her filled her lips, enlarged breasts, and even also added implants on her buttock. The stunning Instagram hottie stands tall to the height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters).

Instagram, Facebook

@reina_westberg is Reina’s Instagram handle. She had 12 posts on the platform and gathered 33.4k followers on social media. Her Facebook account entertained 771 followers. Likewise, her Twitter account enjoyed 509 followers where she posted 1,963 times as of 7 Sept 2021.

Reina also created a Facebook page that garnered 103 followers.

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Reina Westberg Net Worth

According to her Tweets, Reina was looking for a job, even when she was in high school in March of 2013. On 12 April the same year, Reina announced that she got the job at the green lake PCC  on her Twitter. Four months after, she wrote on her Twitter, “Wow my job f*****g sucks,” suggesting that she felt washed with the job she had.

As for her current employment status, Reina Westberg shared on the video, she hasn’t been working for months since the pregnancy. Also, she boasted about having an attractive bank account even before having a kid and will still look the same even after giving birth to her baby.

Reina Westberg’s current net worth should be under $100 thousand.

Reina Westberg attended Nathan Hale High School in her hometown of Seattle, Washington. She graduated from the school Track and Field team. During the 2015 Outdoor season in her high school, she had competed in the 4X100 Relay alongside Bayley Maynard, Margot Maraghe, and Paige Curtis during the N.Hale Frankin W.Seattle event.

Reina also competed for the 4X200 Relay in N.Hale O’Dea/Holy Names Franklin, Metro Championships Day 2, Sea-King Championships – Day 1, and Sea-King Championships – Day 2.

The Washington-native graduated high school as a class of 2015.

Reina Westberg Partner

Now we’ve left guessing who is the partner of Reina Westberg. As online sources covered, apparently, Richard Sherman is the alleged baby-father or partner of Reina Westberg.

But, the woman claimed that Reina was using the baby as the way to the bag.

Lmao your the only person saying my child’s going to be used as a bag I don’t know if that’s how you bums think but I been had money. Anyways I’m done arguing with you, your a lame and a hater have a nice day big bummy,” Reina wrote during an argument on Twitter. 

Throughout the video, Regina seemed pleased about being an expecting mother and also told her opponent that, she was going to give birth to the kid. And her alleged baby father Richard Sherman was happy about it.

As of 7 September 2021, Richard avoided making any comments on the heated matter that lured his name in.

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