Netflix’s Bling Empire undoubtedly caught millions of attention at the very start of 2021. While the show happened to show-case the life of the rich, Anna Shay, a lady in her early 60s grabbed the limelight.

What is so special about the Beverly Hills resident? Did she have rich parents? Who are her siblings? How much is her net worth?

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Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

According to ClustrMaps, Anna Shay was born on 31st December 1960. Thus, on her 2020 birthday, she reached 60 years of age.

Similarly, as per her birthday, her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

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Anna Shay Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

Anna Shay was born to parents Ai-san and Edwards Albert Shay. By ethnicity, she is half-Japanese and half-Russian.

Both of Anna’s parents shared similar interests that connected the couple during the 2nd world war phase. Her parents were in business and worked in international export.

Her mother exported pearls and silk flowers while her father was an American Businessman and Engineer. He was also the founder of Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE).

Edward was Ai-san’s 2nd husband, hence, Anna has two siblings from her mother’s relationship.

A little time after her half-brother, Jun was born, Ai-san’s relationship with her first husband ended. Hence, she got married to Edward which produced Anna and her sibling Allen.

Anna Shay Height, Weight, Plastic Surgery

Anna Shay stands at a physical height of 5 feet 4 inches. Her 62 kgs weight best complement her overall looks.

Anna’s physical appearance successfully takes may to the flight of surprise. How she maintains her body in her 60s, in such a phenomenal way has been a question.

She answers it with poise. It’s definitely her confidence that drives her towards the grace she carries.

What, at the same time comes, is the query about plastic surgery. When the world rests on artificial ideas, to believe that, someone carries such charm in their 60s naturally is undeniably difficult.

So, the public has many questions for Anna about plastic surgery. However, the lady is yet to reveal anything about plastic surgery on her face.

Not just her face, but Anna’s physique has a different charm in itself. So, besides lips, nose, cheekbones surgery, viewers also ask her about breast and hip surgery.

But neither has the lady answered the question nor is she bounded to answer it, as she carried what she has with such elegance.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Anna Shay more often started being active on social media after her new Netflix series aired, in the year 2021.

Although she was not active on Facebook and Twitter when the show premiered, she’d been active on Instagram for quite a while.

Anna made her first Instagram post on 6th November 2018. Her very first post on Instagram was a picture of her son with his friends.

This somewhat cleared to her followers that the lady was extremely close to him, and her family meant everything to her.

Whatsoever, Anna seems to have limited her use of social media. It’s said that “If you use social media less, you live life more.” And no doubt, this goes perfectly with Anna’s life.

She keeps herself updated on technological advances, but also does not forget the actual essence of life. So, despite not having Facebook and Twitter, her Instagram activity rate seems bounded.

On Instagram, Anna has over 5.6K people follow her with only 50 posts in more than 2 years of use.

Anna Shay Net Worth, Job, House

Anna is the daughter of billionaire parents, but, that doesn’t make her an in-bourne rich. Not her fault that the lady was born in a rich household, but her path of dedication counts more when it comes to her personally.

By job, Anna is a philanthropist and socialite. She remains lowkey about the details of her income ad overall economy, but she reportedly has multiple investments that help her in her path of philanthropy.

The crown of the rich is always their generosity, and Anna Shay is popular for that. She garners a personal net worth of $600 million and alongside owns, private jet, luxury car, millions of dollars worth of jewelry, shoes, clothes, and other items.

One of the hiked news about Anna was her gift to her son. The lady bought a $9.35 million house for her son Kenny, facilitated with a pool, guesthouse, sports court, and meditation garden which featured a koi pond.

The house really got much attention not just for the price, but for how generous she was to gift the millions of dollars worth of property for her son and his family.

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Anna Shay Son, Husbands, Boyfriend

Anna Shay has a son, Kenny Kemp, who reached 26 years of age in 2020. She is very much affectionate towards her son which is apparent in the love she bestows for her.

Her love in terms of material aspects might seem so much but is still incomparable in terms of the fact that he means everything to her.

But who’s his father?

As several online outlets noted, Ken Kemp is her son, Kenny’s father.

Anna is a gutted lady, who never concealed the fact that she had four husbands and divorced all four of them. Similar is Anna’s respect for everyone’s privacy, as she’s never mentioned names of any of her husbands in the public.

Also, there were rumors that Florent Bonadei, who appears with her in the Bling Empire, was Anna’s boyfriend. But she clarified that he was just her best friend and not boyfriend.

Anna Shay poses with her best friend, Florent Bonadei. (Pic- Anna’s Instagram)

Thus, Anna is a bold lady of class, not just in terms of her riches but her modesty and generosity.

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