Bryce Hall, despite his young age, has consistently been on the rise of fame. Over the years, the social media influencer never failed to be in the spotlight; be it for his entertaining online videos or some staggering controversies and deeply unsettling social media battles — including the one where he accused the then-manager and Good Times Live CEO, Michael Weist, of sexual assault.

In the article below, get to know Bryce Hall a bit more; both on the personal as well as professional levels.

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Bryce Hall’s Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Bryce Hall, age 21 as of April 2021, grew up celebrating his birthday every year on the 14th of August. As per his zodiac sign, he is a Leo.

Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Bryce Hall was born in Ellicott City, Maryland, the United States, and stayed in Los Angeles, California, the United States as of early 2020.

The only fact about his family so far is the name of his mother which is Lisa Hall. Beyond this, information on his father and siblings, in case he is not an only child of his parents, remained a mystery.

That said, fans of Bryce knew the social media sensation didn’t have the nicest relationship with his dad.

Instagramming a photo of himself with his mom in late June 2017, Bryce wrote:

“Happy father’s day dad, thanks for being an abusive piece of s–t to my mother ☺️ here’s my fav pic of me and him 🙈 #SingleMomsRule”

Bryce doubled down in distaste for his anonymous father in a 2020 essay published in PEOPLE Magazine. He claimed:

“[My father] was never around and […] I knew [that he was] abusive and irresponsible. He spent time behind bars for unpaid child support and abuse…”

In stark contrast, Bryce considered his mother a saint. In his own words:

“As a single mom, she worked really hard to raise me and has always been my number one supporter through everything — including my screw-ups. I knew that if I had listened to her 100 percent, I wouldn’t have ended up [in jail for one night]”

For his part, Lisa continually shares photos of Bryce on her IG.

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Height, Weight, Other Physical Features

Bryce Hall stands at a height of 5 feet and 11 inches (1.80 meters). Also, at the time, his weight was reported to be 68 Kg (150 lbs).

His dimpled smile, the stylishly messy dark brown hair, eyes of the same color, and tattooed forearm are some of his distinctive physical features that only add up to his handsomeness.

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Social Media Reach: TikTok, IG, Youtube, Twitter

Up until, April 2021, Bryce Hall enjoyed around 3.56 million subscribers in his self-titled YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, on his TikTok account with the same name, he had 19.6 million people following him, with over 1.3 billion overall likes in his videos.

Also, Bryce had an impressive 7.9 million followers on his Instagram and 1.3 million on his Twitter account, the one he joined back in May 2014.

Bryce had been active on social media in his midteens. In the beginning, he managed to have thousands of followers on, no longer functioning, 6-seconds video app “Vine”. The process went offline in January 2017. Nonetheless, he continued creating his content on (now TikTok).

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Net Worth, Sway House, Endorsements

Up until 2020, Bryce Hall’s net worth was estimated at $650 thousand by some source. From what it looked like, his income source ranged from Youtube advertisements to several other endorsements. He also sold merchandise including his newly released ‘Party Animal’ collection.

Moving on, Bryce is also one of the members of the Sway House collective, a social group formed in late 2019 by TalentX Entertainment with Nick Bean as the creative director of the group. The collaborative is made up of seven young artists and social media influencers — besides Bryce, Josh Richards, Anthony Reeves, Jaden Hossler, Griffin Johnson, Kio Cyr, and Nick Bean.

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Bryce Hall Girlfriend, Dating History

Bryce Hall briefly dated young professional dancer, Elle Danjean, back in 2019. While at the time, this article was being written, and sometime before that, Bryce was rumored to be dating popular content creator, Addison Rae who enjoyed over 18 million followers on her TikTok as of March 2020.

The twosome was constantly seen in each other contents. And that was mostly the cause that led to their fans believing that Bryce and Addison were an item even in real life, until during Addison’s interview with Entertainment Tonight in February 2020.


Bryce Hall with his then-rumored girlfriend, Addison Rae at Bel Air, Los Angeles on 18th January 2020 (Pic: Bryce’s IG)

The gorgeous TikTok sensation finally confessed that all of it was untrue and they were “just friends”. She further explained how they quickly got “super close” once they started hanging out.

This is how Addison put it. In her exact words—

“We were talking on and off, trying to figure things out and I’m also very new to this and he’s been in this industry for a really long time. Things happened and we decided that we’re better off as friends…So, right now I think we’re better off as friends and we both mutually decided that. We love each other so much and we love being around each other and we’re super good friends, for now, it’s best that we stay that way.”

In a June 2020 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Bryce stirred controversy when he opened about his relationship with Addison. He divulged:

“We are hanging out. We’re still, like, really good friends. Like, we never broke … we never separated for real bad reasons, you know? We were just busy doing our own things. Now with quarantine, not so busy. I’m not saying anything, but we’re friends. We’re really good friends.”

Admittedly, he and Addison bonded over their rise to popularity. When quizzed about his favorite thing about Addison, Bryce stated her smile. Bryce then joked that the fans need to be hopeful about the possibility of him and Addison dating.

Bryce and Addison would eventually start dating. However, their romance fell apart after reports in March 2021 claimed Bryce cheated on Addison with a woman named Dana Wolf.

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Is Bryce Hall Gay Or Bisexual?

Bryce Hall neither confirmed nor denied the rumors surrounding his sexuality. The gay may have been there in the first place because of his flirty interaction with his guy friends.

To fuel up, Bryce shared on his Instagram, a slideshow of his New Year’s kisses, and all but one were with his Sway House guys.

The rumors about Bryce Hall being a bisexual man intensified after the surfacing of old photos that depicted him hugging Mikey Barone. Even a TikTok compilation of Bryce’s photos with other men went viral.

Bryce Hall Arrested, Jail, Charges

On 25th May 2020, police arrested Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler on drug-related charges in Giddings, Texas. A day later, Lee County Sheriff’s office confirmed the Sway House duo was in jail.

Per reports, Bryce was charged with possession of fewer than two ounces of marijuana. If found guilty, he could spend 180 days in jail or face a penalty of around $2 thousand.

Also, the Sheriff’s office placed Bryce’s bond at $5 thousand.

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