Brikey has to be one of the most discussed couples on the internet right now creating threads of conversation on the internet. The highly discussed couple include TikTok and YouTube star Bryce Hall and of course, his friend Mikey Barone. But, this relation caught the attention after Bryce broke up with another TikTok star Addison Rae.

Now people wanted to know whether Mikey Barone and Bryce Hall ever dated? Or is Mikey Barone bisexual? Scroll down, as we address it all on this Mikey Barone Wiki.

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Did Mikey Barone Date Bryce Hall?

Rumors about Mikey Barone dating Bryce Hall surfaced as the talk of the town once again. Fans loved making speculations and assuming things about their relationships. But for a small group of people, it wasn’t more than rumor and belief Mikey and Bryce were actually dated each other.

The internet had shipped them as ‘Brikey.’ So, Mike and Bryce had to address the relationship which they eventually did on Bryce’s YouTube channel. So, did Mike and Bryce ever dated?

No, but they definitely remain good friends.

How Old Is He?

According to Famous Birthdays, Mikey Barone was born on 2 July 1999. He turned 21 years old while celebrating his birthday in July of 2020. Furthermore, Mikey secured Cancer as his zodiac sign.

Mikey Barone Wiki — Family, Hometown, Ethnicity

Mikey Barone was born to his father Michael Barone and his mother Bella Barone in his hometown of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, the United States. However, his biological parents got divorced and married their partner afterward.

Bella Barone tied knots with Wayne Mumford on 5 March 2010. Bella Barone was born to her mother Maria Silveria and father Jose Silveria who were of Portugees ancestry. Sadly, Bella’s mother passed away on 21 July 2017. Whereas, Michael tied knots with Wendy Otero Barone, mother of rapper Flawless.

Moreover, Mikey has two sisters Ariana Barone and Alyssa Barone. Ariana Barone worked as a nurse whereas Alyssa worked at One Upon a Time Academy, daycare & pre-school. The Barone siblings have mixed Portuguese-Italian ethnicity.

Mikey Barone Tattoo, Height, Distinct Features

Mikey Barone stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). His ethnic background allowed him to have a distinct look that stood out among the crowd. Furthermore, he has a few tattoos on his body including one on his arms with a dagger and rose.

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Social Media Reach: TikTok, Instagram, Twitch

Mike Barone is present in most of the platforms highly used all over. Over 384k people followed on his Instagram profile as of April 2021. Likewise, his Twitter profile garnered 217.5k followers.

In the same way, Mike Barone also streamed on Twitch occasionally. Moreover, Mike could also be discovered on Facebook with very little information shared about him.

While Mikey doesn’t seem to be on TikTok, videos about him and Bryce Hall were highly shared and viewed.

Mikey Barone Net Worth, Merch

Mikey Barone is best known for being an internet celebrity. He earned wide recognition for being just himself and this earned him quite a recognition. After his glow-up as a teenager, he became famous among his female fans.

With an impressive social media reach which he built over the years, Mikey generated revenue from his job as a social media influencer. More importantly, Mikey also created an eponymous YouTube channel. The channel also earned 373k followers as of 2021. But, he never posted a single video on his YouTube channel.

Instead, Mikey appeared on the channel of Bryce Hall, Jackson Kreciochm, Zach Clayton, and a few others.

Not only that, but Mikey Barone also got into modeling on his Instagram. This earned him an estimated total net worth of $100 thousand.

Mikey Barone Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Is He Bisexual?

Mikey Barone dated plenty of women in the past. But two of his love life that caught attention was with Taylor Alesia and Nicole Anderson. Mikey hung out with her girlfriend Taylor for quite a while. But, it was later confirmed that the relationship between the two didn’t last very long.

Then came the relationship with Nicole Anderson. The dating life came to the attention of people in 2019. He shared a picture of passionate kissing and addressing Nicole his ‘babe.’ They also talked about their romance on one of the videos. In the video that also discussed meeting for the first time through a mutual friend.

While the reason behind Michael’s breakup doesn’t appear on the internet, Mikey Barone accused his ex-girlfriend to be not a nice person. Then Mikey also got closer with pop singer Maggie Lindemann. He later grabbed the attention of fans of Maggie’s fans as he was spotted on her Snapchat.

Other than highlighted relationships of Mikey, he was also dated Aisha Xaykosy. All of these steamy relationships with his girlfriends and the thing with Bryce Hall, people started questioning if he was bisexual. Though the rumor spread like wildfire, his sexuality hasn’t been confirmed yet. So, we couldn’t say for sure whether he was bisexual or not.

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