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Grace Barnett is the girlfriend of famous American football player Isaiah Wilson. Grace, herself, was a famous Youtuber and equestrian.

Read the wiki below to know more about Grace Barnett, her relationship with Isaiah Wilson.

Grace Barnett Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Grace Barnett was born on 6 April 1999. So, she was 21 years of age by the time this article was penned, i.e. September 2020.

Having her birthday on the 6th of April, her zodiac sign was Aries.

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Grace Barnett Wiki — Family, Hometown, Early Life

Grace Barnett was born to American parents in New Jersey. Her mother is Amy Chiarello Barnett, a management professional who specialized in event management. There was no information about her father.

Apart from her parents, Grace also had a sister in the family. Her sister’s name is Maddie. Her hometown is Upper Montclair, New Jersey. There was not much known about her early life. Or you could say that Grace was still in her early life, considering she was only 21 years of age.

Height, Weight, Measurements

Grace Barnett is a woman of average height, standing at a height of 5 ft 5 inches. She is also a very fit and weighed around 52 kgs.

Grace had a cute face with impressive blond bangs and wavy hair, and also the beautiful eyes. She also had an amazingly beautiful body, with the figure measurements reading 34-23-33 inches.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Grace was indeed present on social media. However, she was neither too enthusiastic nor too popular.  On Instagram, she had kept account private and had only 228 followers. Also, she did not seem to have any posts.

She was present on Facebook as a normal person. Her profile had a few pictures with her family members, and a few with Isaiah Wilson. She had 994 friends, which was quite high for a non-celebrity person.

Her Youtube channel, on the other hand, was quite popular. She used to upload videos of horseriding, tutorials for young kids about horseriding, etc. And she had the 21k fellow horseriding-loving subscribers. As of September 2020, however, her Youtube channel was empty. It seems she had deleted all her videos.

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Grace Barnett Job, Net Worth, Education

Grace Barnett was a very good student when it came to her education. For her high school education, she attended Montclair High School, New Jersey. She graduated with a 4.2 GPA, multiple APs, and honor.

For her college education, she joined the University of Georgia in 2017. As of today, 25 September 2020, she had not graduated from the university. However, she was expecting to graduate with a double major in business and sports management.

As Grace had not yet completed her college education, she did not hold a proper job. However, throughout college and high school, she participated in a lot of extra-curricular and held important jobs.

For example, Grace Barnett held the job as the head of Football Operations in Montclair High School. She was also the sports editor of Montclair High School “Mountaineer”.

She was a very enthusiastic equestrian, and a United States Equestrian Federation recognized rider. And as already stated, she had a Youtube channel dedicated to horseriding.

Furthermore, she won the 2016 Miss New Jersey Teen “Miss Amity” title.

Although Grace Barnett never spoke on her earnings, fans believed her net worth was approaching $100 thousand.

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Grace Barnett Isaiah Wilson, Dating, Boyfriend

As widely known as it was, Grace Barnett was dating famous American football player Isaiah Wilson. Tennessee Titans drafted Isaiah in the 2020 NFL draft. Before the Titans, he played for the college team of the University of Georgia.

Grace and Isaiah started dating in 2017, soon after Grace joined the University of Georgia. They were dating for over 3 years when Isaiah was drafted by Tennessee Titans in April 2020. Afterward, it looked as if they had broken up.

When the news came of Isaiah recruit, Grace and Isaiah were hugging each other, and then Isaiah’s mother who was also there removed Grace from the embrace. That video was recorded and became viral on Twitter.

Grace Barnett-Wiki-Age-Job-Height-Isaiah-Wilson-Family

Grace Barnett and her long term boyfriend Isaiah Wilson (PC:

In the aftermath of the incident, Grace all her videos, including those with her boyfriend, from Youtube. The speculation was that Grace had broken up with her boyfriend. Another possibility that they had just decided to keep their personal life private considering that they had once gone viral.

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