Big Ed [90 Day Fiance] Wiki, Height, Neck, Rose, Daughter


Appearing on the 2020 installment on “90 Day Fiance,” Big Ed skyrocketed to fame. His reality TV career, however, took off in the worst way imaginable. While many labeled him a hypocrite, the others felt repulsed by the shape of his neck.

Come join us as we uncover Big Ed’s wiki details such as his net worth, relationship status with Rosa, and background. Furthermore, get acquainted with his height and ex-wife.

Big Ed Wiki — Age, Birthday, Family

In the Spring of 2020, Big Ed became 55 years old. Moreover, he celebrated her birthday on 28th April. As such, Big Ed owned Taurus for the Zodiac sign.

A known wiki trivia about Big Ed: He embraced Caucasian ethnicity. Furthermore, his family hailed from the United States. Therefore, Big Ed also owned an American passport. His real name is Edward Allen Brown.

Per the February 2020 Fox News interview, Big Ed considered his biological mother a naysayer. Admittedly, she disapproved of his relationship with Rose.

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Big Ed Neck, Height, Weight

Born with the syndrome Klippel Feil Syndrome, Big Ed has an enlarged chest cavity as well as short and limited neck movement. Admittedly, his high school peers bullied him because of the condition.

Reportedly, Big Ed stood at the height of four feet and eleven inches. Additionally, he maintained around 63 kg weight.

In mid-April 2019, a photo of Big Ed from his younger years went viral. As seen on the pic, he looked a lot thinner and tanner during the late-80s.

A young Big Ed (Pic – PEOPLE)

According to the “90 Day Fiance” star, he gave himself the moniker “Big Ed” because of his big personality and small stature. With the name, he admittedly felt tall.

Big Ed Job, Net Worth

Pre-reality TV fame, Big Ed held several job titles including architectural interior designer and professional photographer. From his inclusion on “90 Day Fiance,” the father-of-one pocketed a handsome salary. All in all, Big Ed flaunted $800 thousand net worth.

Social Media Presence: IG, Twitter

Following his worldwide exposure via “90 Day Fiance,” Big Ed accumulated 459k Instagram followers by June 2020. What’s more, around 7.6k fans followed him on Twitter.

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Big Ed Dating, Rosemarie “Rose” Vega, Split

The 4th season of “90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days” chronicled Big Ed and Rosemarie “Rose” Vega’s romantic journey.

A native of the Philippines, Rose met Big Ed on social media. Despite the 31 years age difference, she fell for him. Admittedly, her beautiful brown eyes melted his heart.

During the talking phase, Big Ed lied about being few inches taller than Rose — who was mothering a son (born around 2016).

The connection between Big Ed and Rose wasn’t instant. Only after Facetiming, the two grew a strong bond. Then, Big Ed pulled off a surprise by visiting her in the Philippines.

Big Ed and Rose (Pic – Fox News)

When “90 Day Fiance” aired in Spring 2020, Big Ed had yet to flaunt Rose on his Instagram. As a result, fans concluded that the pair might not be together. Talking to US Weekly, the interior designer-turned-reality TV doused the split claims by hinting that he and Rose were still an item.

As seen on “90 Day Fiance,” Big Ed was very disrespectful toward Rose. First, he asked the mother of one to shave her legs and then suggested she should take a STID test. Even worse, he told Rose she had bad breath and handed her a toothbrush and mouthwash.

No wonder, Rose accused Big Ed of using her for fame. Doubling down on the claims, she accused him of never loving her. For his part, Big Ed accused Rose’s sister of extorting money from him.

Rose, who always said she wanted more children, became infuriated when Big Ed said he wanted to get a vasectomy.

On the episode that aired on 10th May 2020, Rose finally called things off. She accused Big Ed being of being a compulsive liar. On the reunion episode, Rose revealed Big Ed tried to solicit explicit video from her.

Following her split from Big Ed, Rose began dating a woman named Ejhay.

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Big Ed Ex-Wife, Daughter, Divorce

Big Ed’s daughter Tiffany is six years older than Rosemarie “Rose” Vega. No wonder, she opposed the romance from the get-go. According to Big Ed, Tiffany was thrown off by their relationship.

Reportedly, Big Ed finalized his divorce from his ex-wife — mother of Tiffany — in the early 1990s. For the next three decades, he led a single life in San Diego, California. Only his dog Teddy accompanied him at this residence.

Sexual Harassment Claim

A TikTok user named @lordakeet made bold claims against Big Ed in early-May 2020. Identifying herself as the reality star’s former co-worker, @lordakeet shared he sexually harassed her for nine months. She also labeled him a predator who groomed her. Furthermore, @lordakeet claimed she couldn’t go into the intimate details as she signed an NDA.

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