90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Big Ed was an iconic personality from the season with his relationship with Rosemarie. After the relationship didn’t pan out well for the two, Big Ed returned in 90 Day: The Single Life where he introduced his new girlfriend, Liz Marie.

So, who is Liz Marie? What job Liz has to make a living? Where is she from? We explore all the details on Big Ed’s girlfriend in this 90 Day Fiance Liz Marie Bio. Scroll down to learn more about her.

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90 Day Fiance Liz Marie Age

As reported on several entertainment news sites, Liz Marie from 90 Day Fiance was 28 years old as of early 2021. However, no further information on the precise date of her birth has been shared.

Hence, details such as her birthday and her zodiac sign remain a mystery.

As several discussions surfaced regarding Liz and Big Ed’s age difference. Liz who was 28 years old, was half the age of Big Ed who was 55 years old. This also gave a spot for raising questions against Big Ed’s character and the self-entitlement which he felt.

Some fans of 90 Day Fiance wrote on Reddit that Big Ed should date women his own age.

90 Day Fiance Liz Marie Family, Hometown

Liz, last name Marie, was born in the United States. However, no further information on her family members has been shared as of 2021. And the list also included her parents and her possible siblings.

Furthermore, Liz is yet to explore and shared details on her early life and her upbringing in her hometown.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook

The same level of anonymity goes for the information on 90 Day Fiance Liz’s socials. She might be on Instagram as well as Facebook but her social handles couldn’t be located.

Though Liz’s social media couldn’t be tracked, her rumored love affair Big Ed’s Instagram garnered 438k followers. Also, Big Ed’s Twitter account earned 10.5k followers until April 2021.

However, both Big Ed and Liz were nowhere to be found on Facebook.

90 Day Fiance Liz Marie Height

From pictures of them together found on the internet, Liz Marie stands a bit taller than 90 Day Fiance star, Big Ed by a few inches. Big Ed, who stands taller at a height of 4 feet and 11 inches (1.49 meters), is shorter than Liz who is reportedly 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters).

However, Big Ed, whose weight is 63 kilograms weighed much more than 55 kilograms (121 lbs). As accepted by all who have seen her before, she is a blonde beauty.

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90 Day Fiance Liz Marie Job, Net Worth

When Big Ed of 90 Day Fiance met Liz Marie, she had a job in a restaurant. As reported, she worked as a manager at the restaurant which was frequented by Big Ed all of the time. In fact, the restaurant where Liz worked was one of his favorites.

But, not even the name of the restaurant was shared on the show. Also, there was no information as to where it was located.

The fact that high-profile people like Big Ed frequents the place meant the restaurant might be doing quite well. An average restaurant manager earns a total salary of $50,000 per year. So, Liz as a restaurant manager should be earning a salary of the same range.

However, fans of the show on 90 Day Fiance, also commented that Liz might actually be struggling with finance. So, they assumed that she hopped on the show for 15-minutes-fame to pocket some bucks from the TLC network.

As per the details reported by Screen Rant, an average cast made $1,000 per episode. So, she should be making the same figure for being cast in the show.

Even though her net worth is yet to be evaluated, Liz is assumed to have a total net worth under $200 thousand.

Big Ed And Liz Marie: Dating, How Did They Meet?

Big Ed was eager to share a bed with his new companion as seen on The Single Life. He was taking a trip to a friend’s wedding and had invited Liz Marie over to join him in the wedding. As already mentioned, Big Ed and Liz met each other at a restaurant where Liz worked as a manager.


Big Ed forcibly kissing his crush Liz Marie in the 90 Day: The Single Life (Pic:

Even though Liz tried taking their relationship at a slow pace, Ed Brown shared his confusion about the pace of their relationship. Big Ed, who thought he had spotted his crush out with her ex-husband on a planned girls’ night, went to his brother for advice.

Then, Ed Brown asked his brother if Liz was worth going after. He has been called out for his interest in dating younger women. Fans were dumbfounded to know what Liz sees in Big Ed.

Big Ed had a history of having controlling behavior and jealousy is set in his bones. He has also found himself on the receiving side of the confrontation for his behavior.

Ed Brown showed desperation and kept on reminding fans that he wanted to kiss and also sleep with Liz. Whereas, Liz shared she was upset about Ed’s jealousy and communication skills and it was an issue to be dealt with.

90 Day Fiance Liz Marie Kids, Ex

Liz Marie was married to another man before Big Ed. And she also had a kid from that relationship whose information is yet to be shared. She never bothered about getting into details about her relationship with her ex-husband.

The restaurant manager, however, seems to be on good terms with her ex-husband, provided that, Big Ed caught her on a girls’ night out. However, it was all the assumptions so, we don’t have concrete info on her ex-husband and her kids.

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