Up until April 2020, Naomiibrookk embodied the title “influencer” to the T. Everything changed when smaller influencers’ accounts came forth with damaging allegations against her.

Read till the end and learn more about the aforementioned controversy. Furthermore, get familiar with the TikTok star’s age, family background, and dating status.

Who Is Naomiibrookk?

Naomiibrookk is a TikTok sensation and a social media influencer. As of April 2020, she had uploaded 53 posts and accumulated 162k followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, Naomi followed only 2 people on the platform.

Around the same time, Naomi garnered 2.9 million followers on the lip-synching app TikTok. Moreover, she collected around 88.3 likes on the social media giant.

Thanks to her reach, Naomi landed an endorsement deal with TTDEYE — a colored contact lens company. As a result, her net worth saw a steep rise.

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Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Per, Naomiibrookk became 17 years old in the Summer of 2019. What’s more, she flaunted Gemini for a Sun Sign while celebrating her birthday on 4th June every year.

Naomiibrookk Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Acknowledging her family background, Naomiibrookk embraced African-American ethnicity. Either one or both of her biological parents were black.

Naomi hailed from Chicago, Illinois. Therefore, the controversial influencer held American nationality. Unfortunately, the names of her siblings — assuming she had more than one — wasn’t public.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Naomiibrookk owns the physical features of a runaway model. Bestowed with beautiful genes, she stands beyond the five feet and seven inches mark in height. Additionally, Naomi maintained a reported weight of around 57 kg.

Naomiibrookk Dating, Boyfriend, Partner

As of April 2020, Naomiibrook’s dating status remained anonymous. So did her sexuality. While the majority believed that she was taking a boyfriend for a partner, few others suggested the TikTok star might choose a girlfriend.

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Did Naomiibrookk Hack TikTok Accounts?

In the Spring of 2020, allegations tied Naomiibrokk with a group that hacked TikTok accounts of a smaller influencers.

The information surfaced after Brayana (@therealsisterbryana) claimed that Naomi and Jazz (@jazzigang) dupped her and fellow users into handing over their accounts citing security fears. She explained,

“There’s a secret ring of Instagram influencers that are going around hacking people’s pages and selling it for money. What’s even beyond worse or sick is that they also hack emails and they scam people like they scam my fans.”

Once Naomi and co got hold of the passwords, they attempted to resell them to its original users. Furthermore, Bryana accused the group of exploiting smaller influencers.

Amid a heaping public scrutiny, Naomi denied the allegation. More importantly, she claimed that somebody had hacked her social media accounts as well.

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