Erika Owens is a photographer and a fashion sensation who was featured in 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. But was Erika too adventurous for her partner, Stephanie Matto?

Fans weren’t happy as Erika asked Stephanie to make plaster molds out of each others’ breasts. In an episode, it didn’t seem as though Stephanie was comfortable with the event. Furthermore, Erika was accused of being a sexual predator after the show.

In her defense, Erika took it to Instagram to mention how heartbroken she was. She mentioned that she was always kind and respectful of her partner and the entire event was just supposed to be for fun.

Also, Stephanie stepped in for further aid pleading her fans to stop hating Erika. She added that she had a good time and was in no pressure to participate against her will.

Learn more in-depth about Stephanie’s Erika Owens’s bio as the article continues.

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Erika Owens Bio — Age, Birthday, Nationality

With her birth year around mid-1995, Erika Owens was 24 years of age when she first met her girlfriend Stephanie.

Erika was born and raised in Australia. Thus, she is of Australian nationality. Also during the show, Stephanie was on her way to meet Erika in Australia and reveal her bisexuality to her family.

Erika Owens Wiki — Parents, Family, Siblings

Erika and Stephanie were the first bisexual couple to appear on the TLC’s reality show — 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

Though, Stephanie rose the controversy by bringing her parents into the factor. It was still uncertain how Erika’s parents and siblings would react. The duo was determined to let both of their families know about their relationships.

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Erika Owens Net Worth, Job, Education

To talk about her jobs, Erika Owens worked as a photographer and mostly took on family/wedding photos. She was also a member of “Mywed” since 2019.  Besides this, she has modeled for many magazines and institutions.

Also, you can find her on Cameo under her account @glitterbuggin where she took on requests from users and presented it on videos.

In light of her education, Erika is a high school graduate and a trained photographer.

Erika Owens’s net worth was estimated to be around $150 thousand before 2020.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

As a fashion influencer, Erika wanted her followers to feel comfortable in their skin. She proudly flaunts her chubby look and along with her distinct looks.

Along with her pierced nose, she had colored her hair half pink and half purple. Also, she has a colored tattoo at the back, arms, and, legs. She maintained her weight at around 62kgs (136.68 lbs).

Erika Owens stands tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165.09 cm).

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

From the data collected as of April 2020, you can find Erika on Instagram @Glitterbuggin with 363K followers. And on twitter @Glitterbuggin with surprisingly just a 2.6K+ followers. Also, join her 7K followers @Magic Memories by Erika on Facebook.

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Is Erika Owens Bisexual? Stephanie Matto, Partner

Yes, Erika Owens is a Bisexual.

Erika came out as a bisexual on the show along with her partner Stephanie Matto. They started dating after talking to each other online for days. Erika used to love Stephanie’s youtube videos, one day Erika decided to text her and the rest is history.


Erika Owens with her partner Stephanie Matto

Stephanie recognizes herself as demisexual and claimed that she so slowly grew on to Erica. She was amidst the controversy as her sex work overlapped her claim for demisexuality. Reportedly, she sold naked pictures during her early 20’s.

But, Erika claimed she loved Stephanie for her present and not for her past. Fans were in anticipation as to how their family would react to their controversial love story. (bobbergdesigns)

From the jump, “90 Day Fiance” fans noticed the incompatibility between Erika and lesbian partner Stephanie. Owning to the latter’s insecurities, the pair had a tough time becoming intimate.

By late-April 2020, Erika and Stephanie were no longer following each other on Instagram. Therefore, many concluded they weren’t still together.

As witnessed on “90 Day Fiance,” Stephanie flew to America to be with Erika. The Australian beauty claimed they didn’t spend more than 4 nights in the same hotel or the room.

Erika told Entertainment Tonight that she and Stephanie didn’t even spend time together during the filming.

When asked if she believed Stephanie was bisexual, Erika answered it wasn’t her place to discuss the sexuality of someone else.

After the “Tell All” special aired, Stephanie accused Erika of vying for a new season with her ex.

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