Some people are very supportive of their parent’s dating life, while others loathe it! Well, TLC’s 90 Day Fiance star Big Ed’s daughter, Tiffany Brown is certainly the latter one. She never liked any of her father’s girlfriends in the past, and always made it clear that she is not a fan of him dating younger women.

But despite that Ed says he doesn’t want to get old and keeps introducing new younger girlfriends to the world. In 2021, after his split with Rose Vega, Ed started dating Liz Marie, and Tiffany certainly had a lot to say.

So, who is Big Ed’s daughter, who dissed two of his girlfriends in a row? Stay with this Tiffany Brown wiki to learn all about her.

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Tiffany Brown Age, Birthday

Tiffany Brown was born on July 13, 1990. That made her 30 years of age in 2021 when she slammed Liz Marie over 90 Day Fiance.

As per her birthday, Tiffany is of the Cancer zodiac.

Tiffany Brown Mother, Siblings

Tiffany Brown is the daughter of Big Ed, and his ex-wife, Sandra Heckman. According to Tiffany, her parents divorced before she turned 1, and her mother married a San Diego, CA native, Bruce Heckman, whom she felt proud to call her “Pops”. 

Also, Tiffany shared that her stepfather was the “world’s best stepdad”, and she is forever thankful for “all the things he did, and he has done over the years.”

Talking more about her mother, Sandra Heckman hails from Middleboro, Massachusetts, and is a Southwestern Community College, Chula Vista, CA graduate. In 2021, the 53 years young lady was working as Lifestyle Services Concierge at Executive Lifestyle Services, as a Director of Maintenance for The Prescott Companies at Veer Towers.

Trivia: Sandra celebrates her birthday on November 7, while Bruce celebrated his on September 11.

As for Tiffany’s siblings, Sandra has an older brother named Corey Russell who lived in Birch Bay, Washington.

Remember Tiffany’s grandmother Norma Brown who made a few appearances over 90 Day Fiance. Despite being in her 80s and she was still working as a nurse in 2021.

Her Height

Tiffany Brown is of average height. Speculatively, she stands around 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm) tall.

Did you know: Tiffany is a fitness enthusiast. From cardio to lifting heavy weights, Tiffany did it all. She could easily do a 59 kg (130lbs) Pull Down! Her workout routine included — Smiths Machine Single Leg RDL x10, Smiths Machine Single Leg RDL into reverse lunge x10, Weight lighting lunges, Multiple rubber pull exercises, and many more.

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Her Instagram

As of April 2021, Tiffany entertained 9.4K followers on her Instagram @tiffbrown90_ofit. She mostly posted her workout routines and flaunted her voluptuous body over her posts. Also, she often featured two cute twin nephews named Lilly and Jax over it.

Find her on Facebook @tiff.a.brown.008133, and over Twitter @tiffbrown90.

Tiffany Brown Job, Net Worth

In 2021, Tiffany Brown’s net worth was under $800 thousand.

Eastlake High School graduate, Tiffany Brown first started her career in 2007 working as a rover manager for Hanken Cono Assa & Co Real Estate Management for almost 5 years. Then, she went on to take the job as a “resident relations representative” for Irvine Company for almost 2 years.

Finally, the adventurous girl also stepped into the real estate business in 2015 and has been working in the field ever since. As of 2021, she was also working as a “personal assistant/home services specialist” for Executive Lifestyle Services, and as a “business development specialist” for Cherry Development.

Apart from this, Tiffany is also somewhat of a reality star. She often appeared on 90 Day Fiance to slam her father’s girlfriends. Alleging Rose Vega of not caring about her father, or claiming Liz Marie to look “ rugged and old”, Tiffany certainly garnered many fans with her sharp tongue.

Tiffany Brown Husband, Boyfriend

As of 2021, Tiffany Brown’s dating life remained a mystery to us. However, judging from her posts, it didn’t look like the fun-loving girl had tied the knot. Rather than taking on a husband, she seemed like the person who’d enjoy having a secret boyfriend.

However, Tiffany wasn’t against marriage. She loved attending weddings and dressing up for events. In 2016, Tiffany was seen at her best friend’s wedding to wish them “a lifetime of happiness.”

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