It’s the problem of this millennium — the massive increase in the population has increased the improbability of finding a perfect match for one. In this time of peril, Lifetime’s “Married At First Sight” comes to the rescue.

Like the previous seasons, the 10th season of “Married At First Sight” welcomed 5 people of each gender ready to get paired and check if things work out ahead. Out of 5 possible couples, Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer — showed impeccable bonding as if they knew each other long before the show — quickly became the fan favorites.

Get to know about if things worked out between Austin and Jessica — and if they opted to remain married until the very end of the season. With that, you can learn about each person’s net worth, age, etcetera.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Austin Hurd was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland whereby he got his education. His age, as of July 2021, was 33. Austin celebrates his birthday on the 18th of September.

That being said, his zodiac sign still escapes the Internet.

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Austin Hurd Wiki — Parents, Family, Siblings

Austin Hurd’s parents, Rick and Jill Hurd raised their son in his birthplace that is Gaithersburg, Maryland. Besides his parents, Austin has another person with who he shares the house. That is his younger sibling (sister).

In June 2020, Austin’s father, Rick celebrated his 70th birthday. A couple of months earlier, he had suffered cardiac arrest.

Austin Hurd Education, Baseball

Austin went to Gaithersburg for his high school. Later, for his further education, he went to Towson University and majored in sports management. The reality star even took an entry-level program for specialization in cybersecurity in 2017.

Austin played on his university’s basketball team. He–playing from the position of pitcher–added depth to the pitching department.

Austin Hurd Job, Net Worth, Salary

For a long time after his graduation, Austin wandered the streets in search of some stable jobs. He started his career working as an assistant food beverage manager in Holiday Inn Dulles for three years.

It took Austin almost 5 years before he could find a stable job for himself. Since April of 2018, Austin’s been working full time as a network technician in “AccessAgility.”

For starters, it was given that Austin did not make a big salary out of his job. That is the reason why his net worth was low compared to his wife Jessica Studer who worked as a nurse manager.

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Austin Hurd Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Austin Hurd has a very fit and healthy body for he played baseball in his university days. He stands tall at a height of 6 feet 2 inches with a weight of roughly around 70 kgs.

To talk more about his physical features, he has kind of hazel eyes, and his hair color is brown.

Social Media Reach: IG, FB, Twitter

It would be unfair enough to say that Austin Hurd was completely absent from the social media world. Until 28th July 2021, he had 65.6k followers on his IG @ahurd103.

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MAFS Austin Hurd & Jessica Studer Still Together?

People from different backgrounds go through some tough couple of months to test the strength in their bond; it’s what MAFS is about. Jessica, a nurse manager, grew up in a family where her parents have been married for 35 years — and that’s where her value of strong marriage stems from.

Whereas, Austin was ready, from a long time before, to find the right woman and settle down with her. So, when Austin and Jessica were paired up, there were several questions if their relationship would work out — given that their differences were quite apparent.


Austin Hurd and wife Jessica Studer at the beginning of Married At First Sight.

When the show began and the pair had put their differences aside to start a new life from there, it seemed like Jessica and Austin were a perfect match by all accounts.

But in the episode called New Wife, New Life, Jessica discovered an area of contention, Austin’s salary, which is considerably lower than that of Jessica’s.

However, the couple quickly settled on this topic and moved on. On the topic, Jessica explained that Austin was at the very start of his career and she fully believed that he was going to earn more money with time.

Jessica was once again disheartened as she was the first woman to say three magical words, which was after 8 weeks after their first meeting.

Despite all that, when Decision day arrived, Jessica and Austin opted to remain married where many of the couples divorced. Maybe they still believed that they could still work things and move ahead despite some differences.

In the end, Austin and Jessica became the only couple from MAFS to remain married. During the show’s reunion, the pair shared their plans to buy a house and adopt a dog. Before 2021, they had purchased their first home and become dog parents to Rex.

Speaking exclusively to PEOPLE magazine in July 2021, Austin and Jessica revealed they were expecting their first baby together. Jessica told the publication that was going to be a great dad.

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