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Lifetime‘s Married at First Sight arrived in a full swing right as its tenth season began running in 2020. Like previous seasons, five different couples were invented and we all know what happens then. Decision Day, Honeymoon, Flight or Fight, and all sort of extenuating activities that measures the strength of their bonds.

One of those couples during the show’s 10th installment was Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman. Dig down below to follow how the relationship between Katie and Derek turned out in this season of Married at First Sight.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Katie Conrad happens to have achieved mastery in keeping information about herself a secret. However, Katie’s age was known and that was 25 (April 2020). As said earlier, there is absolutely no information about her birthday and zodiac sign.

What’s more, Katie was born in Virginia and as of April 2020, she worked there as a mental health professional.

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Katie Conrad Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Katie was brought up in Woodridge, Virginia by her parents alongside her three siblings. Katie’s parents divorced when she was very young and later her father remarried a woman who now is a very integral part of the Conrad family.

She has a very lively relationship with all of her family members. Her Lifetime profile states:

“Her three brothers are her best friends and her father is her hero.”

Katie Conrad Height, Weight, Measurements

Even though Katie Conard has never come out in the media talking about her physical features such as height and weight, some tentative calculations can be made based on some pictures. She seems fairly tall and her weight is 60-ish. Her looks are greatly complemented by some great measurements.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Katie Cibrad is not active so much around social media. Perhaps maybe she knows the daunting side of this platform.

Interestingly, Katie mainly uses Instagram and Twitter. She owned decent followers over her IG handle and Twitter account.

Katie Conrad Net Worth, Job, Married At First Sight

From her job as a mental health professional, Katie Conard made a handsome living. All in all, her net worth crossed $300 thousand in net worth.

Admittedly, Katie’s upbringing made her cautious about who she chooses as her husband (partner). That’s why she came to “Married At First Sight” to search for that man who is best-fit as her husband.

Katie, for a long time, struggled to vibe with someone for a longer period. And thanks to Married At First Sight, they came to the rescue.

MAFS chose Derek Sherman as a potential partner for Katie. With several activities and events going around in MAFS, no doubt, Derek and Katie can see for themselves if the pair are suitable for each other.

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Katie Conrad & Derek Sherman: Married, Divorce

Derek Sherman, who is a cybersecurity engineer, also grew up with divorced parents as Katie did. Therefore, the Maryland-native developed a sense of loyal family values from his childhood.

After numerous failed relationships, Derek came to the show with the hope to meet his soulmate.

When the show began, Katie and Derek automatically clicked and there was a clear spark between them.

Katie-Conard-Wiki-Ex-Derek-Sherman-Net Worth-Birthday

Katie Conrad with her ex-partner, Derek Sherman.

However, the situation after the honeymoon did not appear to be normal. So, let’s dig down and find out what happened during the honeymoon.

Derek explained, after their honeymoon, he felt a bit of a letdown. He sensed that Katie still had feelings for her ex-boyfriend and was facing a hard time leaving the past behind her. Derek also told that it could take at least six months to again fall in love.

Katie too came clean about lingering feelings for her ex. She said that he came before her wedding and ever since that she can’t help but think about him.

Surprising everyone on Decision Day, the pair decided to stay married. At the time, Katie divulged:

“During these past eight weeks, I’ve grown to appreciate a lot about you. You are definitely committed and dedicated to our marriage and to me but I also feel like we have struggled. Sometimes I feel like it feels like just a friendship and I have really been struggling with making this decision. I’m not ready to give up yet so I would like to stay married. We don’t give up easily…I’m not ready to give up yet.”

With so many growing conflicts in their relationship, Katie and Derek finally decided to split before the reunion show. When the former allegedly cheated, the marriage met its end.

In the reunion show, Sherman shared that “Katie made it easy not to fall in love with her.” Meanwhile, Katie denied ever cheating during their marriage.

About Katie Conrad Ex

As of April 2020, nothing much was known about Katie Conrad’s ex. However, it remained evident that she and her ex-boyfriend loved each other. That was why, after years from break up, they still believed they had feelings for each other and wanted to start a new, fresh relationship.

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