Featured amongst the obscenely wealthy Asians in Los Angeles, Kevin Kreider made it to Netflix’s reality series Bling Empire in 2021. He appeared on the show alongside co-stars like Kane Lim, Christine Chiu, Kelly Mi Li, Kim Lee, Anna Shay, and Jaime Xie, who all flaunted a net worth over well over a million.

However, this wasn’t Kevin’s first time reaching out to the audience over the screen. He rose to the limelight in 2018 through TedX talk — where he shed light on his identity, health, Asian heritage, and how he overcame them.

Keep reading this wiki to learn more about him. 

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Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Kevin Kreider was born on August 21, 1983. That made him 37 years of age as  Bling Empire premier in 2021.

Corresponding to his birthday, Kevin is of Leo zodiac.

Fun Fact: Kevin didn’t let people know about his birthday because he lived a “busy life” and found it “difficult to keep up with everything, normally.”

Kevin Kreider Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Biological Family

Kevin Kreider was born in Seoul, Korea but moved to Philadelphia after being adopted by white parents.

We could see his loving mom over Bling Empire, getting involved with the DNA test, searching for his biological mother, while Kevin’s father – Mark Kreider rarely appeared. If you are curious, Mark was the president of Manheim Imports for over 41 years and managing partner of Auction Management LLC for over 15 years.

Getting adopted by a German/Irish family at the age of 3, Kevin Kreider has not only found loving parents but also a wonderful sibling. He has a (non-biological) brother named Luke Kreider who is a Penn State Univerisity alum and co-owned Manheim Imports with his father. Also, Luke was married to Jenn Kreider (Kevin’s sister in law) and has two kids.

Trivia: Kevin has an aunt named Kristen Kreider.

As for his biological family, all that’s known was that they are from Korea. Kevin was looking all over places in search of them over Bling Empire.

In light of his education, Kevin graduated from William Penn Charter School and attended Temple University for his Bachelor in Science degree from 2002 to 2006. Also, he trained himself in Meisner acting from Maggie Flanigan Studio.

Kevin Kreider Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Kevin Kreider stands tall at a height of 6 feet (182 cm) and weighs 81 kg (178 lbs).

Mentioning his distinct features, Kevin had a toned physique. This handsome man has black hair, brown eye, and a chiseled jawline. Also, some argued that he looked like the younger and skinnier version of Randall Park.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As of Jan 2020, Kevin entertained 108K followers over his Instagram. He mostly flaunted his shirtless pics and posted tons of workout routines over there.

Also, Kevin was followed by 2.7K fans over Facebook and 800 fans over Twitter. 

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Kevin Kreider Net Worth, Job, Bling Empire

Kevin Kreider’s net worth was around $19 million in 2021. However, as he was asked to appear on Bling Empire, Kevin first reply was, 

 “But I’m not rich.”

Comparatively, Kevin might not be on par with his co-stars. But to many of us sitting at home, watching them splurging over the TV, Kevin’s net worth is all we could dream of.

So, how was Kevin able to afford the lavish life? Well, Kevin was the CEO of Taejin Entertainment LLC and worked as a personal fitness coach. Also, he was the motivational speaker for Beyond Muscle. And we all know, how well a job in the health and wellness industry paid.

As for what sparked his passion for bodybuilding, Kevin shared that he was bullied for his slender Asian physique during his early days. Guess he might as well thank those bullies for building him up.

Apart from being a fitness enthusiast, Kevin is also a model and hoped to land a role in acting. He shared that he would love to play “leading male roles” and he himself was working on scripts and projects with other writers.

Kevin has built up his background as an adopted child who struggled to find his identity. In his words, 

“I wasn’t Asian enough whenever I was around Asians and I never felt like I was white enough when I was around white people.”

Also, Kevin regularly talked about how he struggled with his “Asian masculinity”. Soon, his talks caught the attention of Bling Empire castmate Kelly Mi Li who reached out to him and asked him to join the reality show.

Kevin Kreider Wife, Girlfriend, Gay

As of Jan 2021, Kevin Kreider wasn’t married and didn’t have a wife.

Over the show, Kevin was seen hung up on Kelly Mi Li. He admitted that she was “hot”, and “super successful” and that was what attracted him. But soon realizing that he had no chance with Kelly as she was already in a relationship, Kevin turned his attention towards Kim Lee. So, these two ladies were the potential girlfriend to our womanizer, Kevin.

Reportedly, Kevin and Kim were just friends then. Though many wished for Kim to be his girlfriend, the two never hinted that they could be more than friends.

As for his sexuality, Kevin Kreider isn’t gay. However, Kevin confessed that he was perceived as feminine before he bulked himself up to the masculine “American” standards. He talked about “reclaiming Asian masculinity” over his training programs and it was quite a debatable topic to many Asian Americans. They claimed that Asians don’t lack masculinity, rather they don’t fit into the definition of “masculinity” from another ethnic/racial group’s POV.

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