As 2020 is coming to the end, we are here to provide yet another article about a very young actor with a great future ahead: Will Tilston. Will first gained popularity with Goodbye Christopher Robin and now he was continuing on his path of becoming a great actor.

Read the article below to know more about the young Will.

Will Tilston Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth

Will Tilston was 13 years of age as of December 2020. According to some reports, he was born in 2007. His 2017 interview with also suggested that he was born around 2007.

His exact birthday, however, was unknown. That said, noted 12th January as his birthday. If true, he was born a Capricorn.

Will Tilston’s reported date of birthday is 12th January 2007.

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Will Tilston Wikipedia — Parents, Siblings, Nationality

Again, not much was known about Will’s parents nor his siblings. He was only just starting in show-business and his parents and siblings (if he had any) had not really attracted the attention of media. They were not involved with show-biz themselves.

There was, however, one passing comment that Will made about his parents, that they cried when they first watched his movie, Goodbye Christopher Robin. In fact, it was not just his parents who had cried. He was at his aunt’s house and the entire family was in tears.

Judging from his accent, however, we could say that Will was of British nationality.

Interestingly, Will attended the D&B Academy of Performing Arts to learn acting.

About Will Tilston Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Will Tilston stood at an average height for a white British boy of 13 years of age. That meant Will stood at a height of about 5 ft 2 inches, give or take. There was no information about his weight. Of course, he was a growing boy and they rarely have a definite weight.

Talking about his distinct features, Will is one of the cutest people there ever was in the world. He has brown hair, which he wore long and shaggy on the front. Also, he possesses dimpled cheeks and very pronounced cheekbones. And he has light brown eyes.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As of late-2020, Will had a decent presence on social media, especially on Instagram. He also had recently opened a Twitter, but it was yet to gain a wider reach.

On his Instagram profile, he had only 18 posts, dating from August 2019 onwards, and he had already found almost 11k followers by 2020. It was likely that his parents curated most of his social media posts.

On Twitter, as we said, he was relatively smaller, with only 305 followers. He had joined Twitter in October 2020, but there were only three posts and one was about him joining Twitter.

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Will Tilston Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows

Will Tilston started his career very early, at the age of only ten, and got famous very early, with his very first film, in fact.

According to Will, before being interested in acting, he wanted to be a dancer. In fact, he had taken Ballet lessons when he was young. He was growing fonder of acting, but that did not mean he was going to quit dancing. He might as well pursue both careers.

According to his Instagram page, Will also had interests in streetwear fashion, photography, and sports, as well.

On the acting front, he was found by the famous director and great talent scout, Simon Curtis. Subsequently, he auditioned for the movie Goodbye Christopher Robin and got the titular role of Christopher Robin. He beat thousands of other young actors to that role.

Will shared a special bond with Goodbye Christopher Robin co-star Domhall Gleeson. Domhall was also the actor Will looked up to and want to be like.

In 2020, Will was back with another performance in Netflix’s period drama Bridgerton.

Role On Bridgerton & Goodbye Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin was the son of A.A. Milne, the creator of the famous cartoon character Winnie the Pooh. Goodbye Christopher Columbus was a biographical drama about Christopher and the Milne family.

Of course, Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin were very popular names in Britain and people loved Will for reminding people about the olden days when Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin made their childhood fun and wonderful.

While talking about his sudden arrival in the limelight due to the role of Christopher Robin, Will said he felt like he had already completed his life, jokingly of course. In another interview, he said that going back to school after the fame was fine.

Returning in 2020 for another performance proved that Will was on the show-biz to stay. This time around, he played George Bridgerton in Netflix’s series, Bridgerton. In the show, George was the youngest member of the titular Bridgerton family.

So far, those two were the only performance of Will (apart from all the talk-show appearances and the interviews). But he was only 13 years of age in 2020 and there are bound to be great feats in his future.

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