American Idol — along with discovering unearthed talents — has always been about stories. Coming from a long line of contestants with a unique situation is Amber Fiedler.

When Amber auditioned for American Idol, she was 38 weeks pregnant.

Contesting in the 2020 installment of American Idol, Amber shared her heartwrenching story. From her tough upbringing to life as an adult, dealing with financial woes, and making a conscious decision to place her unborn daughter for adoption, she became someone who the viewers would root.

Many felt Amber’s singing outshined everything else about her. By the time she was done performing “Trust In Me” by Etta James, judges couldn’t stop but wax poetic about her. Katy Perry put it eloquently,

“Maybe you aren’t ready to be a mom but you are ready to become the American Idol.”

Amber’s dream American Idol run continued during the Hollywood Week. Having given birth to baby Norah Rose three weeks earlier, she broke down a little while singing Andra Day’s “Rise Up”. All three judges were on their feet once her performance came to a close.

To everyone’s surprise, Amber was eliminated during the Hawaii Round. Her rendition of Lake Street Dive’s “Good Kisser” failed to resonate with the judges. Meanwhile, fans online blamed her elimination on the poor song choice.

Here we’ve tried to answer some FAQs related to Amber Fiedler. Read along and enjoy it!

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Does Amber Fiedler Own Wikipedia Profile?

As of March 2020, Amber Fiedler didn’t own a Wikipedia page dedicated to her musical and personal milestones. She had, however, launched a YouTube channel. Owing to American Idol fame, she had gathered around 16.5k followers on Instagram.

One Wiki trivia about her: Amber was 23 years of age when auditioning for American Idol. Her birthday escaped public records.

Was Amber Fiedler Raised By Her Parents?

As told in her introductory American Idol episode, Amber Fiedler didn’t grow up under the care of her parents — she was raised by her grandmother. Until 2015 when she became sober, her mom wasn’t involved in her life. Furthermore, the singer hesitates to speak about her dad.

How Tall Is Amber Fiedler?

Because of her red hair, Amber Fielder always stood out from the crowd. The word timeless can best describe her sense of fashion.  Coming to her height, she should surpass the five feet and five inches (165 cm) mark by ease.

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Besides Singing, What Else Helps Her Net Worth?

Unable to cope with the trials and tribulations of adolescence, Amber Fiedler found solace in drinking. The multi-talented singer’s alcoholism crippled her finances. During her American Idol introductory episode, she admitted to not possessing as little as 20 dollars at times.

As a songstress, Amber Fiedler garners guest features on Hip-Hop artist Naive’s songs “Solo” and “Love Or Lost.” Beyond singing, she is knee-deep in the local theater scene — having starred as Bonnie in “Bonnie and Clyde: The Musical,” Charity in Sweet Charity,” “Marta” in “Company” and “Diana in A Chorus Line.

Who Is Amber Fiedler’s Baby Father?

When Amber Fielder opted to put her child for adoption, she and her baby father must’ve gone through hours of discourse. Interestingly, the identity of her baby daddy is confined to their circle. So did their dating history.

According to Amber, her daughter Norah Rose’s adoptive parents were generous enough to name the newly-born after her. The Rose part was a clever homage to her red hair.

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