A beauty queen-turned-broadcast journalist, Heather Hays is a recipient of several laurels including “Edward R. Murrow,” “AP Award” and Katie Awards for “Best Newscast” and “Best Anchor Team.”

Rising to prominence as the 1992 Miss Hawaii USA winner, Heather is as charitable as they make. Her association with non-profits “Child Abuse Prevention” and “Peanut Butter Ministry” stand as proof.

Go through Heather’s wiki plus biography! As you do so, get familiar with her married life, salary, parents, and height!

How Old Is Heather Hays? Wiki, Family & Education

On 23rd November 2019, Heather Hays turned 53 years of age. She and Alexis Ren share the same birthday. Meanwhile, Sagittarius is her Zodiac sign.

A Houston, Texas-native, Heather hails from a large family. Believe it or not, she has six siblings (all brothers). Talking about her parents: Heather’s biological mother worked at a Houston-based shelter for homeless veterans.

After acquiring the high school diploma, Heather attended the Chaminade of Honolulu to study behavioral sciences. She then received a master’s degree in TV and film from Boston University.

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Heather Hays FOX 4 News, Salary Plus Net Worth

Heather Hays skyrocketed to the national limelight after bagging the “Miss Hawaii USA” crown in 1992.

Post-beauty pageant career, Heather began working for “FOX 4.” Climbing the corporate ladder, she would eventually become the network’s news anchor.

Of all her connections with “FOX 4,” Heather gets best recognized for the segment “Heather with the Weather.”

At “FOX 4,” Heather reportedly makes an astounding salary of over $65 thousand. The income, in turn, is instrumental in keeping her estimated $900 thousand net worth afloat.

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Heather Hays Husband, Kids & Married


Married duo Heather Hays and Jeff Roberts with their kids (Pic – Heather Hays’ IG)

Beyond a successful broadcasting career, Heather Hays leads an adorable married life with husband Jeff Roberts and their kids.

A mother of two children, Heather married her husband Jeff in 2007 in a gorgeous wedding ceremony. April that year, the pair welcomed their first child — a baby daughter named Emmy.

The family of three grew into a crew of four in June 2008 after Heather gave birth to another daughter named Lily.

Before Jeff, Heather lost her fiance to suicide. Her experience with the tragedy inspired the book “Surviving Suicide: Help To Heal Your Heart.” Ashamed by the loss, she admittedly told people that he died in a car accident.

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Height, Weight, Social Media Presence

Despite being a mother of multiple children, Heather Hays seemed as healthy and fit as the next person. Reportedly, she stood five feet and six inches-plus in height and owned around 59kg weight.

A natural beauty, Heather possessed blue eyes. The reputed broadcast journalist’s brown hair accentuated her great looks. On Facebook, she garnered 28k likes by March 2020. Meanwhile, some 26k people followed her on the platform.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Heather accumulated around 11k followers. In June 2009, she had joined the micro-blogging website.

A life long supporter of Dallas Cowboys, Heather became involved with charity work very early on. She even earned an association with “Toys For Tots.”

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