As MTV‘s reality TV show 16 and Pregnant began airing its 7th season on March 16, 2021, viewers are interested to know about the story of five different teen girls as they deal with the complications that come with teen pregnancy.

Abygail Reade is one of the five teen girls whose story the viewers of 16 and Pregnant are going to know about. She was only 16 when she got pregnant with her baby.

Learn more about Abygail and her pregnancy story in the article below. Also, get insights into Abygail’s age, job, and her boyfriend Adrian Castro.

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Abygail Reade Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Abygail Reade’s age was 17 as of March 2021. Her birthday however was not available as of this writing. As a result of that, her zodiac sign could not be figured out.

Abygail Reade Wiki — Mom, Dad, Siblings

Though the 16 and Pregnant star was born and raised in her hometown in Pahrump, Nevada, Abygail Reade has been living in Henderson, Nevada for quite a long time now.

Abygail is the daughter of Paige Elaine Lesh-Smeder (mom) and her dad. From her social media posts, it looks like the 16 and Pregnant star has a stellar relationship with her parents.

On International Women’s Day, Abygail uploaded a picture of her mom carrying the mini-version of Abygail and put out a really sweet message for her on her Facebook handle. A part of the caption read: “happy international women’s day to the woman who shows me every day what it means to be incredible… thank you for giving me the skills to be independent, resilient, and determined.”

Abygail also made a tweet recently on how wonderful a father she has gotten. She wrote, “name one thing more attractive than a good dad…. I’ll wait.”

At 5 years old, Abygail lost her dad. Remembering him, she shared several photos on Instagram in Feb 2021. An accompanying caption read— “12 years… that’s a really long time for a girl to not have her dad. I miss you every day. this past year a graduated with honors, moved out, bought my first car, got my first job, started at university, and had your granddaughter, all things I wish you were here for. but I especially wish you were here to meet ava-rose, I know you would’ve loved her and she definitely would’ve loved you. I hope you’re resting easy and watching over us 🤍 I would give anything to see you again but, until that time comes, I hope I’m making you proud !”

What’s more, Abygail is close to her grandmother. She wished a happy birthday to her grandma on September 2, 2020.

Growing up, Abygail had 2 siblings, both of whom are her younger brothers, always by her side. One of her brothers turned 15 on April 22, 2020.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

16 and Pregnant star Abygail Reade was available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as of March 2021. Abygail had a decent social media reach considering she is not very active on those social media platforms. Abygail had 132 followers on her Twitter handle, 1.8 thousand followers on her IG handle, and 46 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Nevada native Abygail Reade stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighed exactly 58 kilograms as of March 2021. Her distinctive physical features include brown hair and black eyes.

Abygail Reade Job, Education, Net Worth

For education, Abygail Reade went to Pahrump Valley High School. In fact, that is where she met the father of her daughter, Ava-Rose Elaine. While she was doing Junior/Senior classes, Abygail also took a CNA course.

Abygail graduated from Pahrump Valley High School in 2020 and joined UNLV in August 2020 for further education. As for what job Abygail did to earn some money, she has been working at the Krusty Krab since November 19, 2015.

16 and Pregnant star plans to become a Nurse in the future and make a career in gynecology.

Abygail applied for 16 and Pregnant when she was 16. MTV started filming her after she turned 17.

While the exact salary Abygail gets from 16 and Pregnant remains a secret as of March 2021, some of the women of the previous edition of the MTV show earned around $5000.

Abygail’s net worth was reported to be around $100 thousand as of March 2021.

A natural athlete, Abygail is also an ambassador for Sand Cloud.

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Abygail Reade & Adrian Castro: Daughter, Dating Still?

Abygail Reade and her boyfriend, Adrian Castro first started dating in June 2019. The adorable duo celebrated their six-month milestone on December 19, 2019.

Abygail also made a post on her Facebook to let her followers and well-wishers know about their milestones.

She uploaded a picture with Adrian and wrote, “6 months … I know that too many people six months isn’t that long but you gotta start somewhere…I’m beyond grateful for that so here’s to another and another and another … I love you.”

Her boyfriend Adrian is three years older than her. Abygail’s boyfriend was an electrician as of March 2021.


A still of Abygail and her boyfriend Adrian.

Abygail got pregnant with Adrian’s child when she was 16. Though Abygail said she was on IUD birth control, only time will tell if Abygail was speaking the truth.

Abygail and Adrian’s daughter Ava-Rose Elaine was born on January 17, 2021.

To the people wondering if Abygail and Adrian are still dating, yes the cute couple were still very together as of March 2021. Abygail uploaded a picture with him on February 11, 2021.

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