As MTV‘s reality series 16 and Pregnant picks up its full pace, viewers can’t wait to see how five different teen pregnant girls deal with the complications that come with being pregnant young.

Kyla Jones is one of the pregnant teens getting featured in the new season of 16 and Pregnant. The 16 and Pregnant star became pregnant at the beginning of 2020 at an age of 18 with the child of her boyfriend Jaboire Ellerbe.

In case you can’t wait to know more about the 16 and Pregnant star, then join us in the journey where we will talk about everything related to Kyla Jones.

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Kyla Jones Age, Birthday, Zodiac

The 16 and Pregnant star Kyla Jones’ age was 19 as of March 2021. Though there are no official sources that can confirm Kyla’s age being 19, Kyla herself posted something on her Facebook handle (link to her Facebook post), from which her age can be inferred.

That being said, Kyla’s birthday was still a mystery. In the absence of her exact birthdate, her zodiac sign could not be figured out.

Kyla Jones Wiki — Dad, Mom, Siblings

Though Kyla was born and bred in her hometown in Charlotte, North Carolina, she has been living in Gastonia, North Carolina for quite some time now.

Any information about Kyla Jones’ dad was unavailable as of March 2021. Her mom’s name is Monika Hughes Jones, who is also the supervisor at Costco. Furthermore, Monika, a graduate of UAGC – University of Arizona Global Campus, went to Lackawanna High School.

To talk about the relationship Kyla and her mom have, it’s a bit on the downside. The duo has always had a complicated relationship. That is why Kyla has been living with her aunt for a long time now.

Kyla also has two siblings in her family. Their names are Kiara Jones and Weddie Taggart. While there was no information about Kiara as of March 2021, a glance through Weddie’s Facebook profile revealed that Weddie, a CEO at 4 Ever Rich Productions, studied Business Admin at Hilbert College.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

North Carolina native Kyla Jones stood at an average height of 5 Feet 6 inches and weighed no more than 54 kilograms as of this writing. Furthermore, Kyla’s distinctive physical features include dark black hair and brown eyes.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

For a 16 and Pregnant star, Kyla has a decent social media reach. As of March 2021, Kyla was available on Instagram and Facebook.

Kyla had 2.8 thousand followers on her Instagram handle, which is also the platform where Kyla is most active.

Additionally, Kyla also runs a YouTube channel called KY & DEE Unlimited. Kyla’s bestie Dee is the co-host of the YouTube channel.

Kyla Jones Job, Education, Net Worth

For education, Kyla went to Harding University High School.

While there was no information as to what Kyla Jones’ first job was, her Facebook handle revealed that she worked as a Cashier at Publix Super Market at Shops at Southline in the past.

Furthermore, the 16 and Pregnant star is a video creator.

Kyla applied for 16 and Pregnant when she got pregnant in early 2020 and MTV started filming her in the same year itself.

While the salary Kyla gets from MTV for 16 and Pregnant is a secret to the Internet, previous 16 and Pregnant stars reportedly got $5000.

Kyla’s net worth was reported to be around $100 thousand as of March 2021.

Kyla Jones And Jaboire Ellerbe: Son, Still Together?

According to Kyla’s Family and Relationships section on Facebook, she and her now-boyfriend Jaboire Ellerbe began dating each other on January 18, 2017.

While Kyla has never revealed where she met Jaboire for the first time, chances are they are high school sweethearts.


A still of Kyla and her boyfriend Jaboire.

Kyla gave birth to Jaboire’s child, a son, Kasen Lamont Jones, on October 5, 2020. Kyla even uploaded the picture of their new-born baby on October 11, 2020, on her Instagram handle.

The adorable duo has always had a great relationship until one time when Kyla forced Jaboire to choose between hanging out with his friends or ensuring the safety of their baby due to COVID-19.

It seems like Jaboire chose the latter as the adorable duo were still together, now stronger than ever before. The couple celebrated Valentine’s Day in 2021 together. Kyla even uploaded some precious moments of the Valentine’s Day celebration on her Facebook handle.

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