HGTV‘s reality shows Home Town has become quite a popular show among the people who love to see the houses of Southern America being flipped from absolute wreck to a great, pleasant one. Ben and Erin Napier starrer has not only made the incredible Napier couple popular but their family members have also garnered major attention because of the hit show. Ben Napier’s mother Bennie Napier is no exception.

Want to learn about Ben’s mother? If the answer is affirmative, then join us in this journey where we take a close look at Bennie’s age, family information, job, and married life.

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Bennie Napier Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Bennie Napier was born in 1954, which meant her age was 67 as of March 2021. She celebrates her birthday on the 10th of January every year. Going by her birthdate, Bennie’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Bennie Napier Wiki — Maiden Name, Family, Hometown

Bennie Napier (maiden name Kay) was born and bred in her hometown at Collins, Mississippi.

Not much was known about Bennie’s family and early childhood as of March 2021. Her social media followers, however, knew that she had a sibling, Becky Pickering Williamson, a sister.

Her followers were also familiar with how Bennie’s mother or Bennie herself looked in their youth.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Bennie Napier had a decent social media reach as of March 2021. She was available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, although she was not active much over there. She had 165 followers on her IG handle and 135 followers on her Twitter account.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Ben Napier’s mother, Bennie Napier stood at an average height of 5 Feet 7 inches Height and weighed under 65 kilograms. Her distinctive physical features include brown hair and brown eyes.

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Bennie Napier Job, Education, Home Town

According to Bennie’s daughter-in-law Erin, she is an “amazing seamstress”. While it was still unknown, as of March 2021, if Bennie’s actual job was sewing, it is widely known that she is pretty darn good as a seamstress.

Erin even shared an occasion when Bennie recreated Merida’s dress, a character from the Disney-Pixar film Brave, as a Christmas present for a family member.

Though Bennie has not yet appeared on Home Town, she is widely known among Home Town viewers.

While Bennie’s education details and exact net worth are still a secret to the Internet, a seamstress makes $49 thousand a year on average.

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Bennie Napier Husband, Kids, Grandkids

Even though the viewers of Home Town know a lot about Benny and her husband Wayne, they are still unaware of Bennie and her sweetheart’s dating life details. That’s because the whole Napier family is conscious enough to not let every detail about their family out in the public.

Bennie is close to all of her family members, that is her husband and their 4 kids. What’s surprising for Home Town viewers is that Bennie also shares warm feelings with her daughters-in-law, especially Ben’s wife Erin Napier.

Home Town star is always in awe of Bennie’s random acts of kindness. Erin shared one such act of kindness in her blog in August 2017. Erin wrote, “When we woke up, I found the mountain of clean laundry I’ve been putting off for a week had been folded and separated, and I stood there feeling grateful for a mama-in-law… I got lucky marrying into Ben’s family who has always treated me like I was one of their own.”

Including Ben, Bennie and her husband Wayne are parents to four fully-grown kids, all sons. All thanks to Erin’s blogs, Home Town viewers have a general sense of what kind of person are Bennie’s sons.

Most probably the eldest of Napier kids, Sam is a talented math professor, a talented cook, and a craft beer aficionado who is always down for a good, healthy debate.

Second is Tom, who was once described as the “hot-tempered, unbearded Napier brother” by Erin in her blog. The owner of Napier Trucking, Tom always hated school. Furthermore, among all brothers, Tom is most close to Ben.

Jesse, the only bachelor Napier brother, loves critical thinking. Discussing politics and sociological topics consumes a great deal of time from his life.


Bennie, with her husband Wayne, and their four sons.

Bennie and Wayne also have grandkids. One of Bennie’s grandkids has an uncanny resemblance to her.

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