Dear readers, you might already know about the History channel’s reality survival series Alone. Ten individuals surviving alone in the wilderness, filming themselves. ( It sounds interesting but it also comes with dangers for the participants. One such dangerous incident happened with Tim Madsen.

Tim was one of the eight participants of the eighth season of the show. And he was the first contestant to leave the show because of a medical emergency. Read all about Tim’s journey in the show as well as interesting details about his wife, age, job, etc.

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Tim Madsen Alone, Heart Attack

When the first episode of the eighth season of the reality show Alone aired on History Channel, one incident attracted all the fans’ attention. Tim Madsen’s heart attack on the very first episode of the show. Tim only lasted 6 days and was the first contestant to be out of the show.

In the episode, viewers could see Tim having intense chest pains, which got worse pretty fast. Tim was seen using his satellite phone to call for medical help and he was evacuated by the emergency medical team. So, he was no longer a participant in the show.

It was never explicitly clear in the show if Tim’s chest pains were because of a heart attack that he suffered or some other medical conditions like a panic attack or just severe muscle pain. Some medical experts have posited that it might be because of the harsh conditions the contestants of Alone had to go through, i.e. dehydration, lack of food, etc.

Later in a Facebook video post, Tim did explain what happened to him during the filming of the show. Apparently, Tim did not suffer from a cardiac arrest or any heart problems for that matter. According to Tim, the pains might have been just hunger pains.

However, Tim did have a heart attack in 2013 that reduced his heart function to 35%. And ever since, he was hyper-sensitive about his heart. And when he had those chest pains during the show, Tim might have really worried that he was having a second heart attack which might have been fatal and that was why he called the medical help and got out of the show.

Tim Madsen Age

Timothy Madsen was born on 1 December 1971. As of today, i.e. 11 June 2021, he was 49 years of age. And because he celebrates his birthday every year on the first of December, his zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Hometown, Family, Early Life

Born in Montana, Tim Madsen and his family moved to Laramie, Wyoming and Tim grew up in Wyoming, near the mountains. Laramie, Wyoming eventually became Tim’s hometown. It was a country village and Tim and his family raised their own livestock, grew their own food, and hunted in the wilderness. It was during his early life in his hometown that Tim learned the skills that would later help him gain fame with survival TV shows.

Through some research, we have unearthed the names of several of Tim’s family members. Carol Madsen. Kyle Madsen. Judy Vosen. Lois Madsen. We do not know exactly what relation each of the above family members was to Tim.

Somewhere, Tim had mentioned that his family is the most important thing for him.

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Tim Madsen Height

Tim Madsen stands at a modest height of 5 ft 8 inches. He has bulky built and quiet blue eyes.

Instagram, Facebook

It looked like the Alone star Tim Madsen did not have an Instagram page. He is indeed present on Facebook, but he only has a regular profile instead of a Facebook page.

Tim Madsen Job

Professionally, Tim Madsen is an Oil Rig Roughneck. He has his own drilling consultant company called Madsen Consulting in Laramie, Wyoming. And according to our financial data sources, an average oil rig roughneck earns an annual salary of $76k. However, considering Tim’s experience and expertise, he must be earning significantly more than that.

By June 2021, Tim Madsen had collected a substantial net worth of $700 thousand.

Tim Madsen Wife

According to the info on his Facebook, Tim Madsen is in a relationship with Brittany Robinson since July 2017. We do not know the details of their relationship but apparently, there was some drama going on at the time the two of them got together. Neither of them had shared anything about the said drama because Brittany “just want to share happy things”.

Looking at Brittany’s Facebook, we can say that Brittany is probably previously married to someone else. Or at least, she has had a partner with whom she had kids. Brittany has four kids, including a pair of twins. Apart from the twins, there is one son and one daughter.

Maybe the previously mentioned drama had something to do with her previous marriage/relationship, her kids, and her recent relationship with Tim.

Regardless, in 2021, Tim and Brittany were happy together. However, it was not clear if they were married. Tim had not mentioned Brittany as his wife anywhere.

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