TLC’s new series You, Me & My Ex premiered on June 20, 2021. The unique premise of the reality TV program follows five couples dealing with an ex who is still complicatedly connected to and very much a part of their daily lives.

Among the cast are Loren Kirk, Roy Kirk, Roy’s ex-wife April Kirk, and John Kirk, Loren’s ex-husband.

And here’s a Loren Kirk Wiki writing which in detail explains the couple’s situation as a big blended family.

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[You, Me & My Ex] Loren Kirk Age, Birthday

Loren Kirk’s profile on Wife’s Tales mentioned Loren to be “32 years young” before Oct. 2020. At the time, one could not tell when exactly she celebrated her birthday.

Loren happens to have started on multiple business ventures with her ex-husband’s current wife April Kirk. And Wife’s Tales is among them. It is a blog Loren and April run together sharing their real-life journey through their “divorces, co-parenting, and chaos.”

[You, Me & My Ex] Loren Kirk Maiden Name, Family

Loren was born in San Antonio, Texas but grew up in the small town of Powder Springs in Georgia.

Years after her separation from ex-husband John and Loren still did not let go of his last name. That is the reason why her maiden name stayed a mystery.

Loren Kirk grew up the oldest of eight children from two blended families. She described her upbringing as the “oh-so-pleasant honors of the oldest, roughly translated into being the Guinea Pig for all my parent’s hair-brained ideas on disciplining and raising a highly spirited child.”

Thus, growing up, Loren revealed she really broke the molds for her younger siblings.

More about Loren’s family— Loren’s mom is friends with April’s mom and Loren has a grandmother named Carol J Nichols. Now, living in New Braunfels, Texas, she went to San Antonio College and worked as a certified pharmacy technician at CVS pharmacy.

Her Height, Weight

Loren Kirk is below 5’7” tall in height and weighed above 55 kg (until recently). She enjoys working out and teaching yoga.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Loren Kirk could be spotted on her pages on Instagram and Facebook promoting her latest stint on You, Me & My Ex.

Also, as the hosts of Co-Parenting Past Chaos, Loren collaborated with April for their TikTok account. The page entertained 436.4K followers and more than 8.2M likes (as of June 21, 2021).

[You, Me & My Ex] Loren Kirk Job

Loren Kirk collectively attended four colleges to earn a said degree. She graduated college from the University of Missouri at the age of twenty-eight. There, she received B.S. in Health Sciences with a minor in Psychology. But she herself claimed they mean “absolutely nothing” as they never came in handy to her.

Instead, after graduation, Loren landed a job in home building and has been working in the industry ever since. “What started as a job, has quickly become a career I see for myself far into the future.”

Besides, she is also involved with April on their podcast, Co-Parenting Past Chaos. Plus, at the time of this writing, the duo was waiting to release their Wife’s Tales merchandise. And while that was happening, Loren, a single mom with three boys, had an estimated $500K net worth. (Loren had Jack at 22, Jagger at 25, and Jett at 27.)

[You, Me & My Ex] Loren Kirk John, April

So, this is how the ‘You, me and my ex’ drama started between Loren Kirk, John, April, and Roy.

At first, Loren and her ex-husband John were married and had three kids together. And they lived next door to April and her then-husband Roy Farner, who also had three kids.

Both the couples were having tough times in their marriage and John and April ended up falling in love.

Loren and Roy felt blindsided by their spouses’ connection, things got “rocky” and eventually both the couples divorced.

Who Is [You, Me & My Ex] Loren Kirk Boyfriend?

A “happily divorced” Loren Kirk had been dating her boyfriend Jake Bublitz since Jan 1, 2020.


Loren Kirk with boyfriend Jake Bublitz on May 26, 2020 (PIC: Loren’s IG)

Until 2017, the Staff Sgt. was a drill instructor at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island.

Further, Jake also explored life as a singer and songwriter with stage name Jacob Paul / “JP Guhns.”

‘JP’ is a nickname he has had since childhood.

A tall and muscled framed native of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, and 33-year-old by Sep. 2020, Jake mostly played Lowcountry gigs.

Besides, he is also a military man who had his first deployment in Afghanistan as the further career in the Marine Corps awaited him.

Until 2017, Jake was married to his wife Amanda Bublitza, who also served in Marine Corps. In the fall of 2010, she retired as a sergeant from the Marine Corps. The couple shared two daughters— Zoey, 5, and Kolbie, 2 (ages, as of Sep. 2017).

In the meantime (i.e. as of Jan 2020), Jake continued to appear on Loren’s Instagram, which tells, Jake and Loren have formed a blended family with their respective kids from previous marriages.

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