Xavier Williams was incarcerated back in the 1990s for drug possession and is still doing time. But, his relationship with Karen Gravano, daughter of Sammy “The Bull” Gravano allowed him to be part of the show Families of the Mafia.

Learn more about Karen Gravano’s boyfriend with this Xavier Williams Wiki.

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Xavier Williams On Families Of The Mafia

Xavier Williams might not get as much screen time on Families Of The Mafia, he will surely be a crucial part of the show. In fact, assumptions have been made the whole show will explore the situation between Xavier and Karen.

Karen Gravano And Xavier Williams: Dating, How Did They Meet?

Karen Gravano and Xavier Williams met each other for the first time in the ’90s. However, they have been dating each other starting from 2015/2016. Even after the arrest, they stayed in contact with each other.

When criminal laws began to change, Karen decided to help Xavier as she had helped in her father’s case. The “Mob Daughter” is more focused on helping Xavier rather than their relationship.

Karen also claimed that no matter what turn the relationship takes, she will help him regardless. So, they contact each other on phone and visits him regularly.

Xavier Williams Life Sentence: What Did He Do?

Xavier William also known as Xavier Torres was the top man of the Torres Organization. He was also a member of another crack-cocaine ring based in the Bronx named “Sex, Money, and Murder.”

Xavier lived in a New York apartment building on Rippey Street in East Liberty faced murder, racketeering, conspiracy, and narcotics trafficking. He was arrested in the 1990s and spent River 20 years in jail as he was given a life sentence.

Xavier is spending time studying the law, He is entirely focused to get his life back and was focused on the First Step Act Law. The First Step Act Law was signed on 21 December 2018 to reform laws for drugs offenders.

According to Karen, they are working out if Xavier fell into the category of being able to file for his motion, to be able to come out of the prison. She has been working with different attorneys and she found someone who she believes has his best interests at heart.

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Xavier Williams Age

Xavier Williams was 51 years old as of 16 July 2021. However, there exist no precise details on his birth. Furthermore, his birthday and zodiac are obscure pieces of information.

His Height

Xavier Williams stands tall at a height of 6 feet (1.82 meters).

His Family, Hometown

Xavier Williams was born to his anonymous parents in the United States, possibly New York. There exist no information on his parents, but he has a brother named Elijah ‘Bobby’ Williams. Elijah and his son Michael Williams were arrested in 1996 for gunning down three men on a quiet Wilkinsburgh street twenty-five years ago to protect their Bronx-based drug operation.

As reported, Xavier’s brother and his nephew took the lives of Robert L. James, Timothy A. Moore, and Joel H. Moore who owed $2,300 to them. Along with Xavier, they were also the ring leader of the Torres Organization.

Court documents revealed they shipped drugs in vehicles with secret compartments including one James Bond-style vehicle with features like counter-surveillance devices, including rotating license plates and high-intensity, rear halogen lights to blind pursuers.

Xavier Williams Instagram, Facebook

Xavier Williams doesn’t have any social media accounts. He is nowhere to be discovered including in Instagram, Facebook, as well as Twitter. But, his girlfriend Karen Gravano earned a total of 425k followers with over 3100 posts and a verified account.

Karen is also on Twitter with 299.3k followers. Furthermore, she is also on Facebook with 305 friends.

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