Whenever we hear the word ‘mafia’, we usually picture a big family where they treat criminal activities as a family business, where there is no room for betrayal, and where the only answer to betrayal is one’s life.

For the cast of MTV‘s reality TV drama Families of The Mafia, it’s almost the same as that, except they have to actually live it. As Season 2 of Families of The Mafia returned to TV on July 15, 2021, the five mafia families namely the Gravanos, the O’Tooles, the LaRoccas, the Nayfelds, and the Cutolos are back in action.

Today, we will be talking about the son of Boris Nayfeld — the head of the Nayfelds — Eli Kiperman as he prepares for a bittersweet reunion with his father. We will also talk about his age, job, net worth, and wife on this Eli Kiperman wiki.

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Eli Kiperman On Families Of The Mafia

The Nayfelds was one of the highlights in the 2nd season of Families Of The Mafia. Ahead of the show’s premiere, MTV teased about the bitter-sweet moment as Eli Kiperman prepares for a reunion with his father, who has been serving his probation in Moscow, Russia for the last three years.

The official synopsis read, “Eli Kiperman is preparing to reunite with his father, Boris Nayfeld, one of New York’s most influential Russian mafia bosses who has been serving out his probation in Moscow.”

Reportedly, Eli was looking forward to meeting his father after a long time. As of 17th July 2021, we did not know how things are going to unfold once father and son reunite.

However, one thing we can say is that their relationship throughout the series won’t be smooth as Eli has already said, “my relationship with my father is strictly business.”

Eli Kiperman Age

Eli Kiperman was born in the year 1983 in New York City, which made him 38 years of age in 2021. He celebrates his birthday on the 14th of March every year. Meanwhile, his zodiac sign is Pisces.

His Height

Eli Kiperman stands tall at a height of exactly 6 feet. He weighed no more than 85 kilograms as of July 2021.

Eli Kiperman Dad, Mother

Eli Kiperman’s dad Boris, a former Russian mob boss and heroin trafficker, came to the US as a Soviet Jewish refugee in the late 70s under the Jackson-Vanik Amendment. He, then became a small-time criminal, was arrested for grand larceny and pleaded guilty to petty larceny.

After coming out of probation, Boris served as a bodyguard and a chauffeur to Brighton Beach mob boss Evsei Agron.

Boris was the main suspect in the 1983 murder of Moldovan gangster Yuri Brokhin. He also ran a successful heroin business together with Italian-Polish gangster Ricardo Fanchini. They smuggled China White from Thailand to the United States. The drugs were smuggled via Singapore by hiding them in television picture tubes. The substances were only sold to the five families, the ones starring in Families Of The Mafia, and the local Latino street gangs.

Over the years, Boris has been in-and-out of prison a lot of the time. In 2018, Boris was just released out of prison and lived on a $750-a-month Social Security check. His main priority at the time was to stay out of prison and if possible go back to his homeland.

Sadly, his three-year probation for his involvement in a murder-for-hire crime did not let him leave the US. “I lost everything… lost my job, I lost my time to stay in prison. I lost my wife. This is enough punishment for me,” Boris said.

However, later, Boris did manage to go back to Russia. Boris will be spending his time in the US for the entirety of season 2 of the MTV show, at least.

Enough about Eli’s dad, let’s also learn a thing or two about his mom, Angela. Angela, who made appearances in the series, filed for divorce following Boris’s sentencing in prison in 2017 after years-long marriage.

His Instagram, Facebook

Eli Kiperman was not so active on his social handles as of July 2021. He could only be found on Instagram and Facebook. He had set his Instagram account as private. Eli had 6.1 thousand followers on his @ellykip007 IG handle.

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Eli Kiperman Job

Unlike his dad, Eli Kiperman has picked a completely different path. The synopsis of the show writes “Eli has chosen a legitimate route and is working hard to support his mother, Angela, who continues to struggle with the idea of a life without Boris.”

As of July 2021, we were not completely sure of what Eli’s job is. In LinkedIn, there were two different profiles by the name of Eli Kiperman. One Eli had stated himself as a CEO at PL Brands whereas the other one claimed to be the owner at International Delight.

What’s more, Eli went to Brooklyn Campus and Long Island University for education.

Eli Kiperman Net Worth

The reality TV star Eli Kiperman’s net worth was estimated to be around $600 thousand.

Who Is Eli Kiperman Wife?

About his personal life, we knew that Eli Kiperman is married to his wife, Jane Grosman. Eli and Jane married on February 28, 2021. Eli announced his marriage to Jane to his fans and followers by making a Facebook post.


A still of Eli Kiperman and his wife, Jane Grosman.

A New York native, Jane went to Hunter College, the City University of New York in 2007 and graduated with a BA in Psychology in 2012. She also studied dental hygiene at New York University. Currently, Jane works as a ManagerHead Manager at Exotic Motor World.

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