Made in Chelsea returned for a new season in 2021 and the cast of the show started capturing the attention of the fans. With another wave of Coronavirus pandemic going on, fans were eager to be updated about the changes in the life and romance of the show. One cast who also made fans excited was Verity Bowditch.

Verity dated (also included the ones she kissed, if you call that dating) a few people in the show and she returned with a new boyfriend to show off in the new season. Learn more about her boyfriend and other details over this Verity Bowditch Wiki.

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Her Age

For Verity Bowditch, 20 September marks a very important day in her life. On that day, she celebrates her birthday every year. Whereas, she turned 25 years old in 2020.

Verity Bowditch Parents

Verity Bowditch was born to her father Phil Bowditch and her mother Denise Bowditch in her hometown of Owermoigne, London, England. A native of Guernsey, Channel Island, Phil attended Guernsey Grammar School for Boys. Per his LinkedIn page, he worked as a single trader.

By trade, Verity’s mother Denise Bowditch is a pilates instructor. Along with that, Denise is a lover of animals and nature whose Instagram account earned her 678 followers when penning this article.

Moreover, no further details on Verity’s parents surfaced as of this writing.

Verity Bowditch Height

Talking about the physical attributes, the blonde-beauty Verity Bowditch stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). In the same way, Verity weighed almost 54 kilograms (119 lbs) because of her slim body type.

Furthermore, Verity inherited her good looks from her beautiful mother. A few freckles around her neck accentuated her light-skin tone, making her look even more stunning.

Her School

Delving into details about her education, Verity Bowditch attended Parkstone Grammar School based in Poole, Dorset, her parents reside. She graduated from the same in 2007.

In 20014, she joined the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While there, Verity studied Biomedical Sciences majoring in Genetics. She graduated earning her bachelor’s degree in 2015. She also joined King’s College London where she studied Biomedical Sciences, Genetics. The Brit reality star graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Science from the same.

Verity Bowditch Job: What Does She Do For A Living?

Verity Bowditch’s career began when she joined Condor Ferries in July of 2015. She was the summer placement in the company where she joined as business development. After two months working in the company, she decided to do an internship.

For the internship program, Verity went to Shanghai, China. She joined River Delta Law Firm in July of 2016 and worked until September of 2016. During the time, she focused on patent law, a part of Intellectual Development Property.

Around the same time, Verity joined Fonux LED, based in Bournemouth, London, the United Kingdom. She started working as a sales executive and Account Manager. She researched extensively found and maintained her own clients.

Verity specialized in pitching proposals, drawing up quotes, and negotiating deals, and oversaw the final project. Some of her clients included Body Power, Health-on-line, Waitrose, Oath, The Telegraph, Oracle, Diageo, Kerring, MAMA Festivals, and RS components.

In November of 2020, Verity Bowditch co-founded Clean Kitchen Club. The company was created with the intent of revolutionizing and expanding the UK’s plant-based scene. The company served gourmet burgers that were 100% plant-based.

It was one of the qualities which Verity inherited from her mother. The company focused mostly on corporate social responsibility with the motto, “Don’t do the dirty…Keep it Clean.”

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Verity Bowditch Net Worth

With the multiple sources of income from owning the business and working in the entertainment industry, Verity Bowditch was able to accumulate a total net worth of almost $1 million.

Besides her corporate job, Verity Bowditch also had the necessary qualities to become a reality star. She joined the British show Made in Chelsea: Buenos Aires in 2019.

Verity starred in season 17 of the show and continued in both 18, 19, 20, and the new season 21. On top of earning fame as a reality star, she also gained prominence as an aspiring model. Verity also became a pilates instructor working like her mother.

Is Verity Bowditch Still With Charlie Frederick?

Verity Bowditch previously dated Tristan Phipps. But during the period of lock-down, she broke things off with Tristan. Then, in the new season, she started seeing a new guy in the show Charlie Frederick.

Charlie joined the show as the new cast as Holmes’s personal trainer. It was where Verity met Charlie. She took part in an outdoor exercise session with Charlie accompanied by her BFF Amelia Mist.

Drunk and faded, Verity kissed Holmes but later confessed it was someone else. They had several kisses before that and she also addressed the connection two had with each other.

In August of 2020, season 20 of the show was filmed. At the time, they were dating each other. But by the time the show was aired, they had already parted ways but still followed each other.

So, Verity Bowditch is definitely not with Charlie Fredrick as of this writing in late April 2021.

Who Is Verity Bowditch Boyfriend, Cameron Jack?

When Verity Bowditch returned for season 21 of the show, she revealed that she was dating someone named Cameron Jack.

But who is Verity’s new boyfriend, Cameron Jack?

Going by Cameron’s Instagram, he is a London-based DJ and Producer. Several people of interest found the two exchanging comments with each other which made everyone presume Cameron Jack is the DJ boyfriend Verity talked about in the show.

Cameron earned popularity with the shows that he did. His Instagram account garnered 1560 followers as of late April 2021. His social reminded him that he was working in Antigua.

Before Cameron arrived in the life of Verity, she had a brief romance with a few of the casts.

And the list also included a singer named Julius. Verity and Julius shared a kiss a year before in 2020. While Verity already moved on with her life, Julius seemed had hopes that he could flirt with his Verity.

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