Love comes in many forms, and TLC’s Extreme Sisters is all about sisterly love. Featuring five close-knit sibling pairs, the show brings us the most obsessive and inseparable duos, whose bonds are pure, honest, and perhaps a little unconventional for some. But among them — a twin, Patrix and Patrica Smith — stood out from the rest!

So, let us take a time out to learn all about the sisters, one at a time. Over this Patrix Smith wiki, is shared the story of the bolder sister.

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Patrix Smith Age

Patrix Smith was born on September 24, 1972. That made her 48 years of age as she first appeared on Extreme Sisters in 2021.

Corresponding to her birthday, Patrix is of the Libra zodiac.

Her Parents, Hometown

Growing up in a family of five, Patrix Smith never had a fixed place to call her hometown. The reason being — her father was in the military, so they had to travel all the time. Although they mostly lived in Georgian places like Oxford, Lawrenceville, Snellville, and Lilburn, it is hard to say what she considered her hometown.

According to Patrix, she was born in Japan and raised in America. So, she has dual citizenship.

As of 2021, she was living in Atlanta, GA.

Talking about Patrix’s siblings, aside from her twin sister Patrica, she had an older brother who served in the military. He passed away a long time ago in September.

Overall, Patrix loved her siblings and parents to the moon; and so did they. We could see the motherly love reflected, as Patrix’s mother asked the girls to stay when they wanted to move to Orlando.

Patrix Smith Height

Patrix Smith stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Did you know: Patrix is a Cancer survivor. Like her twin sister, she has faced many health challenges in her life. Thus, the two endorsed the You are Not Alone Foundation, and encouraged their fans to help people in need.

Her Instagram, Facebook

By April 2021, Patrix garnered 13.9K followers over the twin sisters’ join IG account. Also, she entertained 2.7K followers over her IG podcast account @talktothetwins_.

As for her Facebook, the sisters used to have a joint FB account @Twycevictorioustwins which was removed then.

Follow the sisters over Tumbler @talktothetwinsshow.

Also, the twins were present over Youtube @Twyce TwinTV, with 63 subscribers then.

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Patrix Smith Job

Patrix Smith defined her job as an “author, entrepreneur, decorator, speaker, and podcaster”.

But mostly, Patrix is popular for being a reality star alongside Patrica over Extreme Sisters. She was praised for being the savior of her twin sister who was born with a deformity in her right hand. Patrix helped her sister, not only against bullies but also with daily tasks such as cutting nails, shaving, and applying makeup.

Trivia: Patrix always wanted to play the violin. But she gave up on playing the instrument because Patricia couldn’t. Talk about sisterly love!

Living intertwined lives from the moment they were born, Patrix and Patrica’s connection was incomprehensible to many. Even Patrica’s husband Ron, couldn’t understand what was the sibling-fondness all about. He opposed their dream to move to Orlando and said he felt like a “third wheel”, as he never had alone time with his wife.

Penning their life’s journey, the sisters published a $15.13 book called “The Power of Prayer & Positivity: A Guide to Living a Positive life” in Jan 2017. Later, they published volume II of the book called “The Power of Meditation, Prayer & Positivity: How to live a Positive life” in Jan 2018 which cost $8.09.

As of 2021, Patrix Smith’s net worth was under $400 thousand.

Patrix Smith Husband

Patrix Smith is a divorced woman. Reportedly, she suffered domestic violence at the hands of her husband. But her skirmish with love life doesn’t end here. She also fell victim to date rape! Thus, this might be the reason she didn’t have a boyfriend as of 2021.

Another misfortune to her name, Patrix has also suffered three miscarriages. However, she is blessed with three beautiful Godsons (Patrica’s kids).

According to her, her nephew’s meant “the world” to her. She added, “I’m so blessed to be with them every step of the way. They are like my own children.”

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