You might remember Danica McKellar as Trudy in How I Met Your Mother, or as Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Year, or as Miss Martian in Young Justice. But now you shall remember her as the wife of Scott Sveslosky.

In this article, dear readers, we introduce you to Scott Sveslosky. He is not as famous as his wife but he has his own merits. Get to know him over this Scott Sveslosky wiki.

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Scott Sveslosky Age

Scott Sveslosky was born on 17 February 1976 and as of May 2021, he was 45 years of age. His wife, Danica, often wishes him a happy birthday on her social media.

Because of his 17th February birthday, his zodiac sign was Aquarius.

His Family, Hometown

So far, we know nothing about Scott’s family. Absolutely nothing. We found out some names who could be family members but they could as well be his associates only. For example Neil Quateman, Keren Khazzam, Micky Cohen, William Doherty, Tracy Thiras, etc.

He was born in Tustin, California. And Tustin was also his hometown, where he grew up in.

Scott Sveslosky Height

Scott Sveslosky is a tall guy standing at 6 ft 1 inch. His wife, Danica, on the other hand, was fairly short, standing at a height of just 5 ft 3 inches.

More about his physical features: Scott has light black hair, which has now started to gray, and very light blue eyes.

Scott Sveslosky Net Worth

Scott Sveslosky’s net worth, as of May 2021, was about $3 million. In comparison, his more famous wife had a net worth of about $6 million.

Scott is a multi-talented fellow. He is a professional attorney as well as an actor. Before he started his law career, Scott went to the University of Southern California (USC) and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration.

Later, he started his career in law by going to USC’s Gould School of Law and obtaining a JD degree. After college, Scott started to work as an attorney at Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP.

Scott is still working at the same job even after 19 years. However, now he is also a partner at the firm. And according to some financial sources, the average salary of an attorney in California was $106 thousand. However, considering that Scott had almost two decades of experience, his salary must be much higher than that.

Apart from his career in law, he also used to be a model. And Scott had also appeared in a few movies like Campfire Kiss (2017), Sweet Valley High (1994), and Hang Time (1995).

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His Instagram, Facebook

As of 2021, Scott Sveslosky was not present on any of the social media platforms, neither on Instagram nor Facebook. His wife on the other hand was quite big on Instagram with 571k followers. Scott has featured a few times on her Instagram.

Scott Sveslosky First Wife

So far we do not know about Scott Sveslosky’s first wife. We do know that he was married once before marrying Danica, his current wife. And that he had a son named Hunter with his first wife. As of 2021, Hunter was 16/17 years of age.

However, we do not the name of the said first wife.

Danica McKellar And Scott Sveslosky: Wedding, Kids Yet?

Currently, Scott Sveslosky is married to actress Danica McKellar. Danica McKellar is a famous American actress known for the famous sitcom The Wonder Years, which she worked on when she was only a teenager. Her other credits include How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Young Justice, The West Wing, etc.

Danica and Scott first met through their mutual friend. A friend of Danica’s had talked of Scott as a “nice guy” and a “great dad to his son”. And Danica wanted to meet somebody like that.

They talked on the phone for a while and then they met and it was love at first sight. They met for a coffee for their first date and Scott had brought The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, a book by Deepak Chopra, which was also Danica’s favorite book.

After that, it was just an easy sail. They got engaged in 2014 and married later in the same year, on 16 November 2014. It was a small intimate wedding on Hawaiian beaches, the sun rising and sea breeze gently passing by them.

Before Scott, Danica was married to Michael Verta, a music composer. Although they were married only for like three years, they had been together for over 9 years. They also had a son together, a son they named Draco. Danica and Michael got divorced in 2012.

And only two years after her first divorce, Danica was married the second time. In the 6 years of their marriage, Danica and Scott have tried to have kids of their own but were not successful. But they were raising the two sons, Draco and Hunter, who they had had with different people together.


Scott’s wife Danica wishing him a happy 6th wedding anniversary circa November 2020 (PC: Danica’s IG)

Apparently, two half-siblings get along great. And the entire family looks really happy together.

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