Almost all of us dream of being closer to nature, witness its beauty and its greatness, facing the challenges it poses to us and living our life to the fullest. Not all of us can do it, but we sure can watch other people doing it. NatGeo‘s Wicked Tuna is one of the shows on TV, where we can do that. And Spurge Krasowski is one of the people living (and fighting) with nature.

Keep reading this Spurge Krasowski Bio to know more about the man we all wish we were. Read about his wife and his sons, as well as some interesting wikis like his age, real name, and net worth.

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Spurge Krasowski Age

Born in 1944, Spurge Krasowski celebrates his birthday every year on the 15th of August. That meant his age, as of May 2021, was 76. And his zodiac sign was Leo.

Spurge Krasowski Real Name

Spurge is his middle name. His real name is Marion Krasowski. He also goes by the full name Marion “Spurge” Krasowski.

His Family, Hometown

There was not much information about Spurge’s family or his hometown. But we have done a little research for you dear readers and we have found out that his hometown was Brielle, the Netherlands in that he was born there.

However, he grew up in Wall, New Jersey. Probably his family moved to the US when he was young. Spurge went to Wall High School. Later, he went to Gloucester High School in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

We have also unearthed the names of some of his family members, Palma Krasowski Wekselblatt, Matthew Krasowski, Steve Krasowski, Selina Krasowski. We do know what relation any of these people are to Spurge.

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His Height

Spurge Krasowski is a tall and wide-shouldered guy with a wide face and greying hair. He stands at a tall height of 5 ft 11 inches. Also, considering that he was 76 years of age, signs of wrinkles were starting to appear on his cheeks.

Spurge Krasowski On Wicked Tuna

Wicked Tuna is the TV show in National Geographic that follows a group of Atlantic bluefin tuna fisherman in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The show has been running for over 9 years now. As of 2021, the 11th season of Wicked Tuna was airing on Nat Geo.

And this new season two new captains joined the show, Spurge Krasowski among them. And in his very debut, Spurge hit a jackpot. Spurge and his crew caught a 304-pound tuna, which was worth $2128.

Then again in episode 3, he caught a 166-pound tuna. Furthermore, in the later episode Spurge helped his first mate Ryan Fletcher catch the biggest bluefin of the year so far. The fish was 104-inch long.

Spurge’s success is mostly because of his long experience in the fishing business. He might be new to Wicked Tuna, but he was a veteran of the business, with over 40 years of experience in bluefin tuna fishing. He also knew the dangers of the tuna business.

Spurge Krasowski Net Worth

So far, Spurge Krasowski had accumulated a net worth of about $350 thousand.

As we have already mentioned, Spurge had a long experience in bluefin tuna fishing. He has been fishing the bluefin tuna for over 40 years but he has been a fisherman since at least 1971. In his early days, he used to work at Puerto Del Rosario in Canarias, Spain.

Spurge gained his current ship, the Moonshine Vessel, in 2004 and since then he has been the captain of that ship. With his ship, his first mate Ryan and other crew members, Spurge had been catching yellowfin and bluefin tuna in the Atlantic ocean.

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His Instagram, Facebook

Spurge Krasowski does not seem to be present on Instagram, or any other social media platform except for Facebook. He was present on Facebook and had about 4k friends as of May 2021.

Spurge Krasowski Son: Is He Related To Brad Krasowski?

Yes. According to online reports, Brad Krasowski is the son of Spurge Krasowski. Brad is also a tuna fisherman and had even appeared on Wicked Tuna before Spurge made his debut. He appeared from season 6 to season 8 with his ship Fish Hawk and his crew.

Brad was born and raised in Manasquan, New Jersey. Spurge had another son, whose name we do not name. Brad and his brother grew up around fishes and Spurge taught both of his sons to fish. Spurge’s other son was also a professional fisherman.

Brad was 51 years of age as of May 2021. He was married and also was a father of two.

Spurge Krasowski Wife

Spurge Krasowski is reportedly married to his wife, Judith Krasowski. According to our reports, Judith was also 74 years of age, being born on 23 April 1947. There was not much known about Spurge’s wife, except that she lived in Manasquan, New Jersey.

Spurge also used to live in Manasquan. However, his current city status on his Facebook says Manteo, North Carolina. We do not know why Spurge and his wife’s current address is not the same. It might be because they are separated or some other unknown reason.

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