Alexa Orlove earned a reputation across several social media platforms as a TikTok star. But, it had been almost a week she hadn’t posted anything on any of her platforms. However, on 19 May 2021, she posted a picture that shocked Alexa’s fans. She gave context to the incident with a caption.

Fans could see something very bad had happened to her and wanted to know what happened to her. For our readers to get introduced to Alexa for the first time, delve into this Alexa Orlove Wiki to learn more about her.

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Alexa Orlove Assaulted, Ex

After posting almost nothing on her social media platforms, Alexa Orlove shocked her social media followers with a post. Based on the post, she was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend. She wrote that her ex showed up to take his things back when things fell apart between the two.

Consequently, Alexa pepper-sprayed when her ex attempted to touch her. Unfortunately, she also pepper-sprayed on herself, and when she was trying to wash it off, her ex came from behind, pulled her hair, and smashed her head on a door handle.

The hit she took left her with a broken nose, a hole in her jaw, and a broken cheekbone. Alexa struggled, however, managed to call 911. But, her ex also smashed her phone.

A few minutes after police arrived at her doorstep with the fire department but her ex had already fled the scene. Later, her ex was found and arrested. As for Alexa, she was rushed to the hospital but the doctors weren’t sure about where to start.

Alexa underwent the surgery and is going through recovery. However, she never revealed details about her ex-boyfriend. But, judging by the activities, fans assumed it was Eric Gutierrez.

Alexa Orlove Age, Birthday

Born on 27 July, Alexa Orlove shares her birthday with rapper Tory Lanez. Per that information, she turned 18 years old while celebrating her birthday in the Summer of 2020.

Moreover, Alexa is a Leo by zodiac sign.

Her Height, Weight

According to Stargab, Alexa Orlove stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). Whereas, her body weighed 47 kilograms (112 lbs). On top of that, her slim body is blessed with measurements of 31-23-33 inches.

Alexa inked a few tattoos on her body. She got a butterfly tattoo on her back, a 999 on her cleavage, and  She also tattooed a rose on her right leg which are among her distinct features.

Alexa Orlove Parents, Siblings

Alexa Orlove was born to parents Rick and Sue Orlove in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois, the United States. While her father is American, her mother is of British-Irish ethnicity.

Besides having a regular job to support his family, Rick Orlove still found time to pursue his passion for music. He played in a band that goes by the name (@sjr_music on Instagram) where he played as a drummer. Growing up, he attended Fenton High School. Back in 2009, Rick and his old band competed in the battle of the bands and secured the second position. His Instagram is filled with posts of making drum covers of several artists and bands.

As for Sue, she is the CEO and owner of Kind Dimensions, LLC-Senior Care & Companionship. She is also equally popular on Instagram with 30.5k followers.

Now for other members of her family, Alexa grew up with two elder brothers and a sister. Two of the eldest, Anthony Orlove and Courtney Orlove, are fraternal twins. Anthony’s old Twitter stated him as a musician from Chicago. But, no further updates could be found on him. As for Courtney, she was engaged to Zachery Brier Gardner and welcomed a baby in August of 2020.

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Her TikTok, Instagram

Alexa Orlove is on almost all the platforms that are widely used across. Her Instagram account garnered 491k followers in total as of May 2021. She is also on the video creating and sharing app TikTok. On the platform, she was able to gather 2.2 million followers that earned her 105.2k likes for videos.

Even though there existed a couple of profiles on Twitter, none of them seem to belong to her.

Alexa Orlove Career

Like her brother, Alexa Orlove also decided to establish a career in social media. But, instead of modeling, Alexa built a reputation as a TikTok star. Her first video dated back to 18 September 2018, two and a half years ago.

Her first video was titled GET OUT OF THE SKT which earned her 306.6k views and 50.9k likes. Then she also featured her siblings on her TikToks. The first video to hit a million views for the first time was don’t leave your phone open Lexi. The video earned 372.3k videos with 2 million views.

Most of her video averaged 500k views but on 31 July 2019, Alexa posted a video titled Missed U Brother which ended up gathering 4.6 million views. Then she introduced her boyfriend Erick Gooty on her TikTok in February of 2020 who started featuring regularly.


Alexa and her alleged assailant Eric in their last TikTok together (Pic: Alexa’s TikTok)

The last time Eric appeared on her TikTok was on 23 March 2021. With the popularity of TikTok, she extended it to Instagram.

Alexa Orlove Net Worth

All of this helped Alexa Orlove earn a decent net worth of $150 thousand. Her salary also thrived because of paid promotion and sponsored posts.

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