Though Christine Centenera was dating the Australian actor Joel Edgerton for over 2 years, she stayed out of the limelight until May 2021 as she gave birth to their first child. Moreover, along with her, the news about Joel’s kid came as a surprise to many as he never formally announced their pregnancy.

So, who is Joel Edgerton’s baby mama? Learn all about her as this Christine Centenera wiki proceeds.

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Christine Centenera Age

Christine Centenera was 39 years of age as of Feb 2021. That made her 7 years younger than Joel who celebrated his birthday on June 23 and is of the Cancer zodiac.

Her Parents, Siblings

Christine Centenera was born to parents, Jose Sebastian Centenera and Cristina Maria who moved to Sydney, Australia from the Philippines. Reportedly, her father businessman Jose hails from Naga while her mother Cristina is from Manila.

Also, there were reports that Christine’s parents hold Spanish-Filipino roots.

Trivia: On father’s day 2015, Christine uploaded a pic of her beautiful parents over IG, captioned, 

“Words will never be enough to express how much I love you Puppyling @joseling Fathers Day in Australia 06.11.2015 #bestdad #fathersday #bestparents”

Talking about her siblings, Christine has four sisters (all born within 8 years) — Emma, Maggie, Christine, and the youngest Tricia.

  • Emma: A cake designer who owned EmmyLou’s Cakes.
  • Maggie: No information.
  • Christine: Popular stylist and fashion designer who co-founded Wardrobe.NYC
  • Tricia: A lifestyle influencer, founder of Skin by Talulah, cofounder of online shopping boutique Talulah, and TV host of Talk with Tricia.

As of May 2021, Christine and Tricia flaunted 314K and 89.7K followers over IG respectively.

According to Christine, although she and her sisters had the same upbringing, they were completely different, and that was reflected in what they chose to wear.

Christine Centenera Height

Christine Centenera stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Her Instagram, Facebook

By May 2021, Christine garnered 314K followers over Instagram, and 16.8K followers over Facebook. Her posts then mostly featured fashion models from Vogue.

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Christine Centenera Net Worth

Christine Centenera flaunted a net worth of above $5 million in 2021. Likewise, her boyfriend Joel Edgerton’s net worth was $3 million then.

A fashion director by profession, Christine has been in the fashion industry for over two decades. Before 2012, she worked as the fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Centenera for ten years until she jumped ship to Vogue Australia to serve as fashion director.

One of the most well-known behind-the-scene figures, Christine has garnered her popularity for her non-editorial work which infiltrated some of fashion’s buzziest circles. She has been the stylist for Kanye West-led brand Yeezy, and also co-founded Wardrobe NYC along with Australian designer Josh Goot. The company claimed that they consisted of timeless wardrobe staples produced in limited quantities, and priced without retail margins.

Furthermore, Christine was even tapped by Louis Vuitton’s new men’s wear designer Virgil Abloh for his Louis Vuitton debut in June 2018.

As for how she got started, Christine shared that she never was “a die-hard fashion fan” when she was younger. After finishing high school she wanted to be a nutritionist but she didn’t take that path at university and studied art history instead. 

Finally, while she was still at university, a friend of hers who was working at Cosmopolitan magazine, got her a job at Harper’s Bazaar. Eventually, Christine got interested in fashion. 

Christine shared that her definition of luxury was “investment pieces that are high quality, timeless pieces that will never go out of style and are built to last”. As for her favorite clothing, she liked leggings and the blazers the best.

Christine Centenera And Joel Edgerton: Kids, Married Yet?

As of 2021, Christine Centenera And Joel Edgerton weren’t married yet. 

Reportedly, the two have known each other for 20 years but they only started dating in 2018. However, both the stars kept their romance low-key and off their social media accounts then.

It was June 2020, when Christine first hinted of their relationship when she took the time to promote Edgerton’s movie, over IG. She wrote, 

“#lovingday It took until June 12, 1967, for interracial marriage to become legal in all states in the U.S. See the film if you haven’t @lovingthefilm @negga.ruth @joeledgerton #jeffnichols #blacklivesmatter”

According to Christine, the fact that they don’t work in the same industry was refreshing for them. She added, “We’re in awe of what each other do.”

Before 2021, Christine and Joel divided their time between Sydney, Australia, and New York City, where they own their homes.

As for their kids, the couple welcomed their’s firstborn in May 2021. Joel recalled that had to rush to the hospital, worried he might miss the delivery, as he was working on a project in Queensland. But fortunately, he able to make it home in time for the birth.


Did you know: Before Christine, Joel has dated Isabel Lucas (in 2009), Cathy Freeman (from 2003–2005), Robin McLeavy (from 2009-2010), and Alexis Blake (from 2012– 2017).

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