The search for Atlantis is restarting dear folks. Discovery Channel came up with a new series called Hunting Atlantis, which follows novelist and expert Stel Pavlou and volcanologist Jess Phoenix in their journey to rediscover the lost city of Atlantis.

In this Jess Phoenix Wikipedia, we shall cover everything about the volcanologist. Get to know about her age, net worth, husband, and many more.

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Jess Phoenix Age

According to a 2018 Instagram post, Jess Phoenix had turned 36 years of age on 13 January 2018. That meant she was born on 13 January 1982 and her age in June 2021 was 39 years of age.

And because she celebrated her birthday every year on the 13th of January, her zodiac sign was Capricorn.

Jess Phoenix Family, Maiden Name

Jess’s maiden name was not her Phoenix, but we do not know her maiden name. She did often talk about her parents on social media but had not mentioned their names. Actually, she changed her last name to Phoenix, when she was running for Congress. More about that later.

A few times, she had come to Twitter to talk about how Fox News had warped her family’s mind and made them oppose good things like Universal Healthcare and other things. In another of her Twitter post, Jess mentioned that her parents still do not believe in her expertise in volcanoes and environment and climate change.

There were also times when she came to social media talking fondly about her family. For example, she posted a photo on Instagram talking about how her father made her New York Giants fans. Although later in life she became a Washington fan.

Her Height, Tattoo

Jess Phoenix stands at a height of 5 ft 6 inches. And she is a woman of slim build. Furthermore, her other physical features include her hazel eyes and her ginger hair. However, over the years, she had experimented with her hair a lot. At times, it was copper-red; at times, brown; and at times, she even had a mohawk.

Jess also had a couple of tattoos. She had “ONLY THROUGH TIME, TIME IS CONQUERED” inked on her arms. She also had a tattoo of a lion on her side chest, right below her armpits.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Jess had a decent following on social media until June 2021. On Instagram, she had a total of 8.4k followers. She was also present on Facebook and had a decent presence there. However, Jess was the largest on Twitter. On Twitter, she had over 84.1k followers.

Jess Phoenix Net Worth

As of 2021, Jess Phoenix had amassed a substantial net worth of $800 thousand.

Today, Jess Phoenix is a world-renowned volcanologist, but she has not decided on that career until after her college. Since her childhood days, Jess was an ardent reader and wanted to be an English professor. She went to Smith College for her undergraduate and graduated with a BA degree in English.

Jess graduated from Smith in 2005 and she joined California State University, Los Angeles to study volcanology in 2007. It was in those two years between which sparked an interest in volcanology. Later, she also went to the Queensland University of Technology to further hone her expertise.

As a volcanologist, Jess has worked as a researcher and explorer throughout the world and has worked for programs of United States Geological Survey, National Geographic, National Life Foundation, etc. She has also spoken at TED events.

Apart from being a volcanologist, Jess has done so many other things in her life. She was an instructor during her college days. And she had worked in corporate offices and worked as an editor, photographer, podcast host, and many more.

Jess also ran for the Congress from Canyon County, California. Although she lost the election, she was quite happy that her campaign had made people aware that scientists can run for elections.

Back to her work as a volcanologist, Jess had published a book called Ms. Adventure: My Wild Explorations in Science, Lava, and Life. She also had several TV appearances, starting with the 2016 series Trailblazers. Her other major appearances include numerous CNN Newsroom appearances, The Young Turks, What on Earth? documentary series, and the most recent Hunting Atlantis.

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Are Jess Phoenix And Stel Pavlou Together?

When Hunting Atlantis premiered on TV, people tuned in hordes not only because the lost city of Atlantis and the prospect of rediscovering it was very interesting, but also because there was a great rapport between the hosts of the show, Jess Phoenix and Stel Pavlou.

And obviously, many curious questions came up. People asked if Jess and Stel were together. Well, the answer to that question is no, they were only colleagues. In fact, Jess is married to her husband Carlos Palaez. And Stel is also married since 2007 to his wife Michelle Pavlou. They even had a child together.

Jess Phoenix Husband

The name of Jess Phoenix’s husband is Carlos Palaez. He is the guy who often appeared in Jess’s social media platform, in her Tweets, and her Insta stories.

According to his Linkedin profile, Carlos is a Global Cyber Strategist working for VMware in LA, California. Together with his wife and a few other people, he also serves as a secretary of the Board of Directors of Blueprint Earth. As of June 2021, he was 40 years of age and he had gone to Claremont McKenna College for both his undergraduate and MBA studies.

Jess married her husband Carlos around the year 2013/2014 (we are not exactly sure about the date). After they married, Jess briefly changed her name to Jess Palaez. However, then soon afterward, she ran for Congress and both Jess and Carlos changed her name to Phoenix.


Jess and her husband Carlos celebrating their 12th Valentine’s day together circa 15 February 2021 (PC: Jess’s IG)

The secret to such a long and happy marriage is Carlos’s unfaltering support to Jess, whatever she does, and a lot of vacation. That comes with being married to an explorer.

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