McKayla Adkins is a Youtube star and reality TV celebrity who appeared on TLC‘s documentary series about teen pregnancies, Unexpected.

Read this McKayla Adkins wiki, her fiance, her baby father, and much other intel.

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Her Age: How Old Is She?

McKayla Adkins was born on 28 June 2000. Thus, by April 2021, she was 20 years of age. Having her birthday on 28 June, her zodiac sign was Cancer.

McKayla Adkins Parents

Her father was Justin Adkins. Not much was known about him except that he died in 2005 when McKayla was only five years of age.

Her mother was Shannon Adkins. Although she eventually became a good mother, Shannon had to lose McKayla’s custody in the immediate aftermath of her husband’s death. At that time, she was suffering from drug addiction.

That was the reason why McKayla was raised by her grandparents. McKayla’s mother did eventually sober up, became a great mother. She also married the second time, although the name of McKayla’s step-father was not known.

McKayla Adkins Brother

Growing up, McKayla also had a younger brother called Dylan. Dylan, who was born in 2002, turned 18 years of age in December 2020. She had two more half-siblings from her mother’s second marriage. In fact, her mother was pregnant with one of her half-siblings when McKayla herself was pregnant with her first baby.

Height, Plastic Surgery

McKayla Adkins was quite a short woman with a height of 5 ft 3 inches and a weight of approximately 47 kgs.

Furthermore, McKayle recently went for plastic surgery. According to some reports that were as new as of April 2021, McKayle got a nose job. It was not known why she went for the plastic surgery, whether for medical reasons or to just make her more beautiful.

McKayla Adkins Net Worth

Mckayla Adkins’ net worth had dropped as low as $100 thousand.

By late 2020, McKayla’s earnings/net worth had gone so low that she had to stop her education by dropping out of college. Also, she had to resort to OnlyFans, a content-sharing service, where McKayle shared photos and videos of herself in lingerie for money. A monthly subscription for her content costs $10.

McKayla’s first and foremost job was that of a Youtube star. On her channel, she had 277k subscribers. She had not uploaded a video in 5 months and as of today, her monthly views were just 90k. That meant her monthly earnings had gone down to $22 – $356.

Furthermore, she also appeared on a TLC docu-series about teenage pregnancies called Unexpected. The show premiered in 2017 when McKayla was pregnant with her first baby. She went on to appear in the second and third seasons of the show but did not return for the fourth season.

She aspired to become a makeup artist and hold a high-profile makeup job. Also, circa 2021, he began promoting her OnlyFans content on Instagram.

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Is Mckayla Adkins Still With Caelan Morrison?

McKayla Adkins got pregnant with her first kid in 2017 and the baby father was her then-boyfriend called Caelen Morrison. Caelen was born in the year 1998 and was a couple of years older than McKayla.

There was no information about where the two of them met, but they were already in love when McKayla got pregnant with their first kid. Their first kid, Timothy James Allen Morrison, was born on 6 July 2017.

In 2018, McKayla and Caelan were once again pregnant with their second kid. Their daughter, Gracelynn Ann, was born in January 2019.

Since the first kid, McKayla and Caelan had been in an on-and-off relationship for a couple of years more. Eventually, not even the love for their kids could keep them together. They broke up in early 2020 (the exact date unknown) and both of them started dating other people.

It seemed their break-up was quite a strained one. According to some rumors, McKayla was not even letting Caelan meet his kids.

McKayla Adkins Fiance, Boyfriend, Ethan

After breaking up with her old boyfriend Caelan, McKayla Adkins appeared to have started dating another boyfriend, a man named Ethan. Kayla revealed the mysterious partner on 1 May 2020 through her Instagram but she did not mention his name. In fact, she had not mentioned much about Ethan.

It looked as if McKayla was deliberately trying to keep her boyfriend mysterious. They were dating for over 5 months. They had even gone on various outings, liking hiking on the forest trails, vacationing on the beaches. Yet, no name had appeared at the time.


McKayla Adkins and her new boyfriend, Ethan take their dating to the beautiful sunset at the beach circa September 2020 (PC: McKayla’s IG)

The important thing, i.e. their dating life, however, was going very well. Based on her social media, McKayla looked happy dating her Ethan. She even considered him one of the best people she knew. So, it appeared that Ethan had a good rapport with her kids as well.

In April 2021, McKayla and now fiance, Ethan celebrated their anniversary. Shortly after that, they got engaged. Announcing the engagement news via Instagram, McKayla shared—  “Happy sweetest day, thank you for traveling across the country with me and making it the third-best experience of my life. Thank you for being my best friend and never judging me but only loving me. Thank you for caring about my kids and being patient. Just, thank you. I love you a lot.”

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