KathleenLights Husband, Family, Real Name, Net Worth


KathleenLights is a famous social media personality mostly known for her all-about-beauty eponymous Youtube channel.

Read more to find out more about KathleenLights, including her real name, family information, career & net worth, and also about her dear husband.

Real Name, Family, Bio

KathleenLights was born on 27 January 1992 to Cuban immigrant family in Miami, Florida.

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KathleenLights’ parents split when she was 18 years old. Nevertheless, the YouTube sensation enjoyed quite a remarkable relationship with her family, especially her mother and her brother, Johnny.

KathleenLights’s real name is Kathleen Fuentes. Fuentes is the surname of her husband and she adopted him after getting married.

Net Worth, Career, Height

KathleenLights began her YouTube career in 2013 with her eponymous channel and started posting videos on makeup and beauty products. By 2020, her channel had garnered over 4 million subscribers.

Furthermore, she also started to launch her own cosmetic products. In 2014, KathleenLights launched her first lipstick called “Lumiere” in collaboration with the cosmetic brand “Colourpop Cosmetics.” Later, she also launched other products like eyeshadow and other types of lipsticks.

Thanks to her widely popular Youtube channel and her burgeoning career as a businesswoman, KathleenLights amassed quite a hefty net worth, which was estimated to be over $1 million by 2019.

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KathleenLights stands at a modest height of 5 feet and 1 inch.

Husband, Married, Boyfriend

When KathleenLights was just a teenager, she was already married to a US navy officer named Daniel Fuentes. Daniel was the elder brother of Kathleen’s childhood best friend Amelia.

KathleenLights and Daniel met and became girlfriend-boyfriend when they were quite young.

KathleenLights and her husband Daniel Fuentes on an excursion circa 2019 (source: Kathleen’s IG)

From the very beginning, the two were so enamored with each other that they couldn’t wait much longer to be married. On 22 November 2010, 18-year-old Kathleen and then-boyfriend Daniel tied the knot.

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As of 2020, the husband and wife were still together and Daniel had featured in quite a lot of Kathleen’s videos.

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