Oliver from 100 Days Wild is a wild spirit who hated being tethered to a fixed address. His love for wilderness also won him widespread fame with Discovery‘s 100 Days Wild.

Read about Oliver and 100 Days Wild below, and also about Oliver’s personal life and about his wife (if he had one). Read to find out.

How Old Is Oliver From 100 Days Wild?

When it came to Oliver’s personal life, there was little to no information. The authors of this article had tried to create a rough sketch of his life by putting various scattered information together.

Based on some extensive research, it was found that Oliver must be at least 39 years of age. He could very well be in his early forties.

No exact date of birth was known. Since no date of his birthday was not known, his zodiac sign was also a mystery.

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[100 Days Wild] Oliver Wiki — Background, Early Life, Family

Talking about his background, Oliver was a Utah guy. It was not known if he was born in Utah but he had spent a great many years of life as a mountain man in Utah. (Alprazolam)

From his early life, Oliver was interested in living in the wild, as a lone wolf. He ran away from his family when he was only 14 years of age. Since then he had spent over 25 years off the grid, in the wild.

How Tall Is Oliver From 100 Days Wild?

Oliver was a tall guy, who stood at the height of 5 ft 9 inches. He was also a well-built guy, properly nourished despite spending most of his life in the wild, on and off the mountains.

Is Oliver From 100 Days Wild On Facebook & Instagram?

The answer would be no. It appeared the worldly enchantments that most other people could not avoid, Oliver had no interest in. He had zero social media presence, either on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media.

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[100 Days Wild] Oliver Job, Net Worth

According to Oliver himself, he hated being tied down to a single place. He hated everything to do with the mundanity of day-to-day lives, like paying bills, having a permanent address, etc. So, there was no job for him like it was for normal people.

If there was anything for Oliver that could resemble a job, it was the job of a survivalist. No doubt, surviving in the wild was a full-time job.

Another thing about an off-the-grid person who hated a permanent address and paying bills was that it was highly unlikely that such a person had a substantial net worth. He must have a little net worth to get him by, but not more than that.

Is Oliver From 100 Days Wild Married?

Again, the answer would be: most probably no. It was not just addresses and jobs, that Oliver did not like. As it appeared, it was everything that could tether him to a single place, and that included a wife.

Plus, no evidence could remotely suggest that Oliver could be married. His off the grid lifestyle was a kind of evidence that he was not married.

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Oliver’s Journey On 100 Days Wild

Oliver’s Journey on 100 Days Wild so far was not satisfactory. It had started well. When he first appeared the community of 100 Days Wild welcomed him with both arms and his love for leather earned him some appreciation as “badass”.

But as time progressed, Oliver did not seem to make any bonds with the community of 100 Days Wild. The fact that he was a loner and he seemed to prefer the wild over the human world could be the reason.

Anyway, the rifts began to show when Oliver refused to co-operate with other community members. He was saying things like “I try to give a f**k about community, but to me, it’s almost like having a job.”

He was even asked to leave the colony. Based on the episodes that were aired as of today, 26 September 2020, Oliver had not left the show. To know what will happen next, watch the show on Discovery.

Is The Show 100 Days Wild Real Or Fake?

It could be debated whether the show 100 Days Wild was real or fake. It was the show about seven people, who did not know each other before, in their quest to create a self-sustaining community in the Alaskan Wilderness, in the Tanana Valley.

The show was created by Jennifer and Andrew, who were both nomads and wild survivalists. The Discovery channel claimed that the show was authentic. The channel only provided filming crew and some sort contingency plans for emergencies.

The fact that none of the people in the show come from acting backgrounds aids its authenticity. Still, who can argue that some kind of editing and production did not go into the making of the show?

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