In 2020, Tayden Seay aka Saydenseay gained infamy after Ian Allen — fellow TikTok user — accused him of sexual assault.

Continue reading and get familiar with the allegation faced by Tayden. Also, read his response. Furthermore, delve into his wiki and discover his parents, net worth, and height!

Rape Allegation Against Saydenseay

Per Ian Allen’s tweets dated back to January 2020, he met Tayden Seay [@Saydenseay] after matching on the dating app Grindr. In his own words:

“Okay so I’ve never done something like this before but I think it’s about time I shared my story of when @SeayTayden sexually assaulted me.”

Admittedly, Ian found Tayden very attractive.

On the night they first met, Ian agreed to drive around the city with Tayden. As things escalated, they began making out. According to Ian, Tayden then tried pressuring him into having sex. He explained:

“Throughout the whole time, we were being intimate, he kept telling me how badly he wanted to be inside of me. He begged me for literally hours to let him inside and I continuously turned him down. After I kept refusing he wouldn’t let it go.”

After he continually rejected his advances, Ian claimed Tayden then resorted to pity. What’s more, Tayden told Ian that he loved him. Ian said:

“He told me I was beautiful and tried his best to make me feel special. At one point he even told me he loved me.”

Ian alleged Tayden apologized to him — only to rape him. In a follow-up tweet, he revealed the reasoning for speaking out. He wrote:

“I want to make it clear that the ONLY reason I’m speaking out is because a person with MULTIPLE rape allegations against him still has a platform to spread his toxic messages to his young audience.”

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Saydenseay Response To Allegation

The rape allegation against Tayden Seay [@Saydenseay] wouldn’t gain traction until June 2020.

Responding to the backlash, Tayden took to Twitter and wrote:

“never in my life would I have thought I’d be depicted as such a terrible person. It’s never been who I am, I’ve definitely learned, and I can’t do anything else but let others kill me. Love you all who have supported me, thank you.”

Tayden then added:

“I was a teenager who in the moment made a mistake. never played the victim, just spoke my truth…I’ve addressed accusations for the past 8 months. I’ve hated myself, and I’ve changed. Nobody will ever know the situation. In the end I’m sorry, always have been, always will be…”

Twitter users, however, were not happy with Tayden’s attempt at an apology. They insisted “no meant no.”

For his part, Ian thanked the people for their support. Furthermore, he shared his story didn’t end with the post.

Tayden Seay [@Saydenseay] Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

A native of Texas, Tayden Seay — @Saydenseay — turned 20 years of age in the Spring of 2020. Likewise, she celebrated her birthday on the same day (13th April) as Dylan Conrique did.

Given his date of birth, Tayden carried Aries for Zodiac sign.

Coming to his family life: Besides his parents, Tayden relied on a baby sibling (sister) for support.

Regarding ethnicity, Tayden appeared mixed.

Moreover, Tayden completed his schooling from Keokuk High School in 2018. Also, nothing suggested Tayden was attending college.

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Tayden Seay [@Saydenseay] Net Worth, Height, Social Media

In an interview, Tayden aka Saydenseay shared he began producing content to make people laugh.

Furthermore, Tayden acknowledged luck played a huge part in his success. At the same time, he refused to downplay his originality.

By late-2020, Tayden had accumulated 2.4 million followers on TikTok. Likewise, he garnered 82.5 thousand followers on Twitter and 134 thousand followers on Instagram.

Active on YouTube, Tayden showed off 70 thousand subscribers on the platform.

According to some noted outlets, Tayden Saydenseay’s net worth was under $150 thousand.

Moving on, Tayden Seay reportedly was 5 feet 11 inches tall. Along with his height, Tayden left an impression because of his chiseled features.

Tayden Seay [@Saydenseay] Gay, Girlfriend, Dating

As of Summer 2020, Tayden Seay [@Saydenseay] seemed single and not dating anyone. However, by then, everyone knew Tayden was a gay man. At some point in his early teens, he might or might not have had a girlfriend.

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