At first glance, Madisson Hausburg is a reality TV star with an affluent –bordering on decadent — lifestyle. However, a closer look might reveal that like everyone else, Madisson has its valleys and peaks.

Read the article below about Madisson Hausburg, her early life bio, her romantic exploits, and her career endeavors.

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Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Madisson Hausburg was born on 22 February 1994 in Florida in a financially sound family. She celebrated turning 27 years of age on her 2021 birthday, which she celebrated with her then-boyfriend. Read along to know who the beau is.

Madison’s zodiac sign is Pisces. And she wasn’t afraid of showing her pride in being a Pisces on her social media.

Madisson Hausburg Bio — Parents, Siblings, Family

Madisson was born in the Hausberg household, a rich family residing in Florida, United States. Her parents are Johnathan Hausburg and Cindy Hausburg. Her father is a lawyer.

Madisson was always very close to her parents. Even at 26 years of age, she looks for her parents’ approval about her. Her father doesn’t always approve of her pursuits, especially her recent romantic pursuits.

Apart from her parents, Madisson grew up with three siblings. All elder sisters: Heather, Paige, and Taylor. The eldest sibling, Heather is 44 years old, Taylor is 31, while Paige is close to Madisson’s age at 28.

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Height, Weight, Measurements

Madisson Hausburg stands quite tall at the height of 5 ft 8 inches. Similarly, she weighed a quite modest 54 kgs. Her figure measurements read the standout 31-24-31 inches.

During the COVID19 lockdown, Madisson seemed to have gained a few pounds. However, Madisson decided to see the silver lining in the situation which was her increased breast size.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Madisson’s popularity in the public isn’t just due to reality shows on TV. Rather, some credit for increasing her popularity also goes to her massive following on social media.

On Instagram, she had earned 566k followers (Aug 2021) with 618 posts, including pictures and videos. Meanwhile, Madisson had deleted her Twitter.

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Madisson Hausburg Net Worth, College Degree, Job

Before becoming a reality TV star and earning widespread fame, Madisson was a talented student with above-average academics. She earned her college degree in mathematics and engineering degree.

After college, Madisson spent quite some time teaching and traveling. Towards 2013, Madisson held a job as a preschool teacher, preparing young kids for their incoming school days, teaching them the basics. Furthermore, Madisson also traveled around a bit, visiting places inside and outside the US. She had been to places like Runyon Canyon, Greece, Italy, etc.

Of course, Madisson gained her popularity as a star of MTV‘s reality show, Siesta Key. As of 2020, Siesta Key had aired for three seasons and Madisson was a central showpiece in all three seasons.

Siesta Key earned its popularity thanks to the dating histories of all the actors of the show. And there was a history for each character. Read the details of Madisson’s particular dating history in the next section.

Finally, according to many sources on the web, Madisson Hausburg’s net worth was estimated to be around $500 thousand.

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Madisson Hausburg Boyfriends, Dating History

We have said that Siesta Key popularised Madisson Hausburg, but it also won’t be false if we said that Madisson popularised Siesta Key as well — with her romantic exploits.

Madisson’s dating history starts with her high-school sweetheart and fellow central Siesta Key cast Alex Kompothecras. At the beginning of the Siesta Key (i.e. mid-2017), Alex and Madisson had an on-off relationship. As the season progressed, the relationship did not seem to last and Madisson started to show feelings for Brandon Gomes, another Siesta Key cast.

Throughout the latter half of the first season, Brandon and Madisson’s relationship grew, but not without turmoil. Eventually, Brandon too could not remain a long-term boyfriend.

Madisson Hausburg & Ismael Soto Pregnant, Engaged, Married

In the third season of the show, a new boyfriend appeared on the stage, Ismael Soto.

Ismael, endearingly called Ish, was the former producer of the show but had left the show before the second season.


Madisson Hausburg and her boyfriend Ismael Soto circa January 2020 (PC: Madisson’s IG)

The relationship with Ish creating a little rift with Madisson’s father. Her father disapproved of Ish as his daughter’s boyfriend as he was 21 years older than Madisson. Many other people close to Madisson, including the former boyfriend Brandon, also disapproved of the uneven relationship.

On one of the March 2020 episodes of Siesta Key, fans saw Madisson FaceTime Ish thinking she was pregnant. The experience, however, proved to be a mere scarce.

On 25th August 2020, Madisson took to IG and announced she and her boyfriend were now an engaged duo. She had shared a photo of flaunting her ring while Ish leaned for a kiss. Admittedly, Ish popped the big question on the first day they were spending on their newly bought home.

Almost a year after their engagement, Madisson told People Magazine that she is pregnant, expecting her first child with Ish. She also revealed that their baby was due to arrive on 1st January 2022.

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