Jovin Webb officially brought the barbeque sauce to the American Idol ‘ season 18 auditions aired on Feb 21, 2020. Lionel Richie commented,

“I saw your whole life in that performance”

Blues are meant to entice one’s longing for a better tomorrow and loved ones. And that was what Jovin did, as he sang “Whipping Post” by The Allman Brothers.

In the auditions, Jovin lamented how he missed his mother who passed away in 2012. She was an inspiration for him on each on every step of his life.

With his mother’s blessing, Jovin was in the audition to proved to his son, “Anything you want out of life, you can get it”

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How Old Is Jovin Webb? Bio, Birthday, Zodiac

Jovin Webb was 28 years of age as he auditioned in American Idol 2020. A Baton Rouge, Louisiana-native, he celebrated his 28th birthday on 4th December 2019. Jovin owned Sagittarius for a Sun sign.

On his Facebook bio, Jovin introduced himself as “Just an artist and musician from Louisiana who has a passion for music and wants to share it with the world!”

“I’m a man of many hats.”

Jovin cheekily shared that he could play the guitar as well as the drums.

Performing gigs and shows, he was the lead vocals for local bands ‘Captain Green and Bayou Bullets’ and ‘Living the dream!’

Jovin was also seen performing with a fellow contestant, Faith Becnel from the American Idol on the FrenchQuarter, NewOrleans.

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Wiki — Family, Siblings, Education

Jovin grew up in Gonzales, Louisiana with his family. He has an older sister named Anna who was very fond of his singing.

On a Sunday morning, as his family was getting ready for church, Jovin’s mother fainted and they rushed her to hospital. And through the night she passed away.

Jovin had just graduated from college then. With tears in his eyes, he recalled the moment he found himself in a dark place once she was gone.

The singing sensation hinted that he looked for ways to numb the pain and was self-destructive.

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American Idol Journey

After a standing ovation for all three judges, Jovin Webb stood there all teary-eyed.

“B.B. King told me once that its hard to sing the blues in the backseat of the limousine. In this case, you’re coming from the ground floor,” American Idol judge Lionel Richie noticed.

Jovin reminded the fans of the legendary blues artist B.B. King. The to-die-for timber of his voice and the phenomenal style he depicted was what made him the top contender for the American Idol.

Performing “Foy Vance,” “Soul ‘D Out” and “Parachute,” Jovin during the Hollywood Week, Jovin made it to the next round. Once in Hawaii, he sang Ray LaMontagne’s “You Are The Best Thing.” Happy with the showcasing, all three judges agreed to place his name in the Top 20 list.

During his Top 20 performance, Jovin got into his classic bag. Singing The Beatles’ “With A Little Help From My Friends,” he floored the judges.

Fighting for a position in Top 7, Jovin gave it all as he sang Allen Stone’s “Voodoo.” What’s more, judge Bryan labeled the performance his best till date.

Jovin Webb Height, Net Worth

Reportedly, Jovin Webb’s net worth was $150 thousand as of 2020.

Drawing inspirations from his idols like Michael Jackson, Prince, Kings of Leon, Black Hand, Paramore, Gucci Mane, and many more, Jovin aspires to write original music and also uploads covers on his self-titled youtube channel.

As of early 2020, his YouTube channel had a little of 4k subscribers, something bound to rise in the future. He uploaded many of his originals to his channel like With the rain, and When I’m gone.

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Jovin Webb stands tall at the height of 5 ft 7 inches (170.18cm).

Jovin Webb Baby Mama, Son, Wife

“My son was my savior”

When Jovin Webb’s son was born, everything changed for him. He realized that he had enough of the sadness that took over him and looked forward to the life he dreamed of.

Jovin Webb with his son/savior (Pic: Jovinn’s Instagram)

Jovin’s wife encouraged him for the audition and was with him through the thick and thins. Been married for years, things were finally going right for Jovin and his baby mama.

Fanbase quickly built up for Jovin and was curious to learn more about his relationship.

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