Mishna Wolff comes up as a comedian and book writer who was known for her tremendous sense of humor and storytelling capabilities.

Not only that, some of her work has been considered bestseller and even included in the school curriculum in different countries.

To know more about this fine personality step right into the article.

How Old Is Mishna Wolff? Wiki, Birthday, Height

Mishna Wolff was born in the woods of Maine on 18 April 1975 to parents: Daine Elizabeth Gaylord and John Wolff.

Along with her mother and father, Mishna also had a sister, Anora Lyn — with whom she grew up in a black neighborhood in Seattle.

The Wolff family had relocated there following the divorce between their parents. Since it was a complete mismatch in the culture there, the girls had a very difficult upbringing.

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With not a single white person around, Mishna and Anora had black friends; celebrated their birthdays with the black people and even tried looking like them.

Similarly, the clash of cultures made Minsha face bullying, but it also taught her to adapt to things quickly.

At the end of 2019, the nearly 6-foot comedian cum writer turned 44 and all the hardship she went through only made her reach new heights in her career.

Family, Parents, Mom Info

One thing that was very painful for Mishna Wolff when she grew up was her parents’ divorce.

As per her book “I’m Down: A Memoir” — where she has described her versatile upbringing — Mishna describes her mother as very smart, pretty and socially conscious.

On the other hand, she describes her father as a hippie who had long hair, wore leather pants and roamed around the college selling bad stuff.

When Mishna was just a child, her parents separated. Her father then took her and Anora to live with him. During that time, she experienced her father dating another woman and her mother getting remarried to a real-estate broker named Ira Sacharoff.

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Books, Net Worth, TV Career

Coming from an unusual upbringing, Mishna Wolff owned her thoughts and a pen with which she could explain her emotion.

Surprisingly, that quality of her’s developed in time and she became an accomplished writer and storyteller.

Soon Mishna began writing and one of her comic pieces published in “Blackbook Magazine” quickly caught people’s attention.


Mishna Wolff(center) in the sets of Werewolves Within in February 2020 (Pic: Mishna’s Instagram)

Mishna was loved more for her sense of humor and she started performing on stage for “Luna Lounge”& “Upright Citizens Brigade”.

One thing led to another and she was a household name, performing on “VH1”, “Comedy Central”, “Air America”, and “NPR”.

In 2009, the talented comic/author published her book, “I’m Down” which became a bestseller and encouraged her to write more books.

Now Mishna success has no bounds and she accumulates a net worth more than $700k.

Marc Maron: Married, Husband, Divorce

Mishna Wolff faced unprecedented success in her career, but the one mishap in her splendid career was her marriage with Marc Maron.

Marc is a podcast host and he married the writer in 1999. During that time, Marc had a bad habit of alcohol and drugs. (

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His first marriage was also destroyed by his addiction. However, ever since he married Mishna, the host found back rhythm in life.

Unfortunately, after eight years of staying together, Mishna and first husband Marc finally divorced in 2007.

Jeremy Doner: Dating, Boyfriend, Children

After facing a horrid divorce in 2007, Mishna Wolff struck love with a Michigan native screenwriter, Jeremy Doner.

Immediately after the divorce with Marc, the news of Mishna getting married was revealed. Her dating history with Jeremy — boyfriend at the time — was not even mentioned.

Also, Mishna and second husband Jeremy are very private about their personal life and it was known that they already had two children and resided together in Los Angeles.

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