Jeff Devlin is a DIY expert who gained recognition for his carpentry skills. No, a further introduction is also needed, so delve into this Jeff Devlin Wikipedia to learn more about him.

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His Age, Birthday

Jeff Devlin was born on 19 May. He turned 48 years old in 2021.

Jeff Devlin Parents, Siblings

Jeff Devlin was born to his loving parents Joseph Devlin and Ada Devlin in Bucks County, in Pennsylvania, the United States. His beloved father, Joseph passed away on 21 March 2012 in Langhorne, Pennsylvania at the age of 84. Jeff posted snaps of his father as well as his mother on his Instagram. His parents lived near St. Mary’s Hospital on Route 413.

Besides that, Jeff never gave away any details on either of his parents as of this writing.

Jeff grew up with six brothers; Dave Devlin, Mark Devlin, Tom Devlin, Adam Devlin, and Joseph Devlin Jr. Dave Devlin attended Bucks County Community College and has been owning 877GRASSCUT since 1997. (Ambien) He is in a relationship with Kim Allison and has at least two kids.

Mark Devlin attended Neshaminy Maple Point and studied Graphic design at Tyler School of Art, Temple University. He works at Mark Devlin Visual Design. There exist no information about his other brothers.

Jeff Devlin Height

Jeff Devlin stands tall at 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters).

His Instagram, Facebook

Jeff Devlin is on Facebook where he is friends with 777 people. He updated his profile for the last time on the platform on 30 March 2021.

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Where Did He Go To High School?

According to his Facebook, Jeff Devlin went to Neshaminy High School and graduated in 1991.

Jeff Devlin Net Worth

Jeff Devlin, as a host of successful DIY shows and owner of a business, sat on a total net worth of $3 million.

As a teen, Jeff watched The Old House on PBS, his curiosity in carpentry grew further. He would get inspired and start messing around with things. Jeff would take wood from the dumpster of construction going on near our house.

Later, Jeff found his niche with birdhouses that he would sell at his church’s craft fair.

During his career, Jeff did the restoration of historic homes and building historically-inspired pieces that helped fuel his interest in history as an adult.

According to his website, Jeff’s professional foray into carpentry began over twenty years ago as an apprentice for a historic home remodeler, where he honed his skills in the trade and gained a deep appreciation for the character, craftsmanship, and beauty of historic dwellings. This blooming passion for designing, creating and building is what led Jeff to his chosen career path in carpentry and television.

According to his LinkedIn, Jeff worked as a host/carpenter for A&E Television Networks for three months running Drill Team. From March of 2007-November 2010, he worked for HGTV hosting Spice up my Kitchen. Moreover, he hosted I Hate My Bath and Good, Better, Best as a host that also had heavy involvement in Construction & Design.

Moreover, from August 2014-January 2016, Jeff served as a carpenter for Ellen’s Design Challenge for season 1 and season 2. His job was to implement designers for creative designs all within a very small time frame.

Moreover, from September 2015- December 2018, Jeff worked as a TV Host/Carpenter/Designer for Stone House Revival. In the show, he restored 200-Year-old Stone Houses in the Bucks County, Chester County, and surrounding areas.

Whereas, Jeff is the founder and owner of SchoolHouse Woodworking from January 1995.

Not only hosting shows, but Jeff also has experience working behind cameras. He worked behind the scenes as a cameraman while also running his woodworking business on the side. A friend of a friend heard Jeff loved snow sports and hired him to assist on a trip filming a ski competition.

Jeff learned camerawork on the job and went on to shoot events like drag racing, water polo, mountain biking, concerts, and a few home renovation shows like HGTV’s Save My Bath.

Jeff Devlin Step Sons

Pennsylvania native Jeff Devlin isn’t married for the second time, but he and Janelle Burdette are engaged. She has two sons Walter and Walker. Walter was born in 2001 and their other son Walker was born in 2003. Walter is a student-athlete who played football and baseball at Conestoga College. Whereas, Walker enrolled at East Carolina University who is set to graduate in 2025. After Jeff and Janelle get married, Walter and Walker will be his step sons.

Jeff Devlin Second Wife

Once Jeff Devlin ties the knots with his fiance Janelle Burdette, he will have a second wife.

Jeff Devlin and Janelle Burdette have known each other at least since 2015. But, they started seeing each other at least in 2018. But, neither of them has ever addressed how they met each other in the first place.

Janelle is connecting and bonding with Jeff’s kids from his previous relationship. In the same way, Jeff too is also creating a healthy relationship with Janelle’s kids. As a new father figure for the kids, Jeff attended Janelle’s son’s graduation. Whereas, Janelle takes every opportunity possible to promote the business Jeff on her social media.


Jeff Devlin and his fiancee, Janelle Burdette (Pic: Janelle’s Facebook)

Janelle and Jeff got engaged on Christmas day 2020. They officially made the announcement of their engagement on his Facebook on the day he proposed to her. Even after getting engaged for 8 months, Janelle and Jeff hadn’t shared a single word on their upcoming wedding and the plans for the nuptials.

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