Meet UrbanDoll, arguably the biggest makeup influencer again surfaced on the internet world after one of her former employees went on TikTok to expose her. A TikTok user @coloradho posted a video where she claimed that she had receipts from UrbanDoll’s scam.

Learn more about UrbanDoll (Influencer) with this Wiki.

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UrbanDoll Scam, Was She The Largest Makeup Influencer On Twitter?

UrbanDoll might’ve not been The Largest Makeup Influencer, but she had earned a staggering amount of social media followers on her Twitter. The giveaways and refund scheme which she ran earned her followers because of the snowball effect. This gave her a formidable reach on social media with the snowball effect eventually.

She even caught the attention of IG makeup influencer Jeffrey Star. So, in a way, she actually was one of the biggest influencers on Twitter, earning endorsements deals with several makeup companies.

UrbanDoll was also related to Joe Vargas. Joe was also the investor of UrbanDoll’s cosmetics, he spent a lot of money to trademark the UrbanDoll, Joe was the founder of Bio Legal Meds. They worked together briefly, but her drama pushed him to fire Urban Doll and move on.

Now, UrbanDoll is a doting mother of a child, and her life as an influencer is behind her.

A user named @coloradho went viral on TikTok after claiming that she had evidence to show to the world regarding the scam of her former boss UrbandDoll. The video brought 3.8 million views on the post. She worked with her as an assistant in 2016 and she was ready to expose her on TikTok.

But, @coloraho and UrbanDoll buried the personal hatchet by going live and the latter joined. She respectfully hashed it out and apologized for everything. Hence, she took down the videos.

Her Age, Birthday

UrbanDoll should be in her late 20s. But, her age and her birthday remain unaddressed as of this writing. (Ultram)

UrbanDoll Real Name, Family

UrbanDoll from the very start catfished her followers. At first, she used a pornstar’s photograph on her profile. But, when someone recognized the porn star and confronted her she took it down and used the profile picture of Erika Danielle on her Twitter and her Tinder as if it was her.

A YouTuber named Truth Sleuth reached out to her regarding a scam investigation, and UrbanDoll revealed her real name as well as sent her the photos of her with a privacy agreement.

Hence, we don’t hold any information on her family and her relatives as of this writing.

Her Height, Distinct Features

UrbanDoll should be at the height of at least 5 feet but since we don’t know what she even looked like, we have no information on her physical appearance.

UrbanDoll Instagram, Twitter

Before getting suspended, UrbandDoll had 386k followers on her Twitter account. Her account got suspended in 2018. There existed no account of UrbanDoll on Instagram.

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Her Net Worth, What Does She Do Now?

Twitter’s arguably biggest influencer UrbanDoll stood at a net worth of over $800 thousand.

UrbanDoll started her career as a makeup influencer by doing giveaways and selling a lot of bundles on Twitter. Her followers grew eventually as soon as Twitter started reacting to her posts. A Twitter thread of over 400 tweets related to getting their refunds surfaced on Twitter.

Now, whenever we search for UrbanDoll Refund on Twitter. The results are full of people wondering where their bundles and prizes are or if they would be refunded as promised, some were upset either she ghosted them or blocked them. She also fell into the catfishing rumors. After that, many exposed pages and Twitter threads popping up to expose her.

To prove she is not the scammer, UrbanDoll insisted everyone who got their refunds respond to YouTuber Truth Sleuth with proof and tag of giveaway/bundle/refund.

In the summer of 2016, UrbanDoll was involved with Finest Forever, a company which she co-owned with a friend. People never received their orders as seen in the tweet. There were rumors about Finest Forever selling counterfeit makeup they purchased from somewhere else Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Regarding the scam, even Jeffrey Star claimed that the products were fake. Norvia, CEO of Anastasia Beverly Hills, had said that they couldn’t confirm if half of what they sold was ABH and the rest was fake.

After a thorough investigation, many purchasers reached out to Truth Sleuth and posted pictures of receiving the bundles and refunds from UrbanDoll. But, the question was raised on the legitimacy of giveaways and bundles where grieving users claimed that a lot of these people were fake.

It was believed she was also related to Clothes Porn which was suspended in 2018.

UrbanDoll scams were not only related to giveaways. More scams were rooted in her followings, she used giveaways as a way to earn followers which landed her commission work from several other brands, the popularity got more traffic on her website.

She sells numerous bundles for an affordable price which people would fall for due to a lot of high-end makeup out of their budget. But, but most of them never receive anything except for excuses lies and just being ignored.

UrbanDoll Roy Divorce

The Twitter UrbanDoll was related to makeup whereas there also exists another Asian couple @urbandoll and Roy. So, the individual Roy might not be related to influencer UrbanDoll. Hence, we don’t know much about UrbanDoll Roy Divorce.

UrbanDoll New Boyfriend

As Distractify revealed, UrbanDoll is a recent mother to her newborn baby (as of August 2021). So, for the safety of her family, she tends to remain away from the public eye. So, she might have a boyfriend, or even a husband, if she ever married.

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