In the August 2021 ep of Growing Up Chrisley, Savannah Chrisley hired a new assistant named Nick to take her Instagram pictures. But it seems that Nick’s skill wasn’t just limited to being a good photographer. There is much more to him than that you may know.

Stay with this Nick [From Growing Up Chrisley] Bio to learn all about him.

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Who Is Nick From Growing Up Chrisley?

Nick was introduced to the Growing Up Chrisley viewers as Savannah’s social media manager and her private errand boy. As seen on the show, Nick was good with photographs, obedient to Savannah, and offer her pretty much anything she needs.

Savannah labeled him as “absolutely amazing”, and went on to add, “It’s truly is just a coincidence. I mean, this guy is super qualified, he’s worked with some big brands, so he’ll be a great fit for Sassy.”

However, her brother Chase Chrisley, and Nick’s best friend Elliott believed otherwise and shared that he wasn’t capable of doing the job. “Just because someone can take pretty photos does not mean they are qualified to be your assistant,” Chase said.

Also, many viewers suggested that Elliott or Chase would have been a better assistant for Chrisley’s instead of Nick.

The last we saw Nick on Growing Up Chrisley, he seemed concerned and shared that he was starting to see “red flags”. On the other hand, Savannah said that she hoped it was just a “learning curve” for the new guy.

Previously, Savannah was adamant that Nick would be there for longer than a week.

Let’s just wait and see, how long will the guy last on the show.

Nick [From Growing Up Chrisley] Age

Savannah’s assistant, Nick was no more than 32 years of age while he first appeared on Growing Up Chrisley in 2021.

At the time, Savannah had recently turned 24.

If you don’t know, she celebrates her birthday on August 11 and is of the Leo zodiac.

What Is His Last Name?

We’ve only heard Nick being called “Nick” over Growing Up Chrisley. As of August 2021, Savannah never once called him by his full name and neither didn’t anyone else. So, his last name remained a mystery to us.

Nick [From Growing Up Chrisley] Height

Nick stands tall at a height above 6 feet (183 cm). He is taller than his employer Savannah who is 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Nick has brown eyes and hair, and a chiseled jawline. Overall, he is a handsome hunk, and even Chase thinks that Savannah hired Nick because “he’s pretty to look at.” Allegedly, Savannah didn’t even look at Nick’s resume before hiring him.

Also, many believe that Nick looked exactly like Savannah’s brother, Grayson Chrisley.

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Is Nick [From Growing Up Chrisley] On Instagram, Facebook?

As of August 2021, Nick wasn’t on Instagram nor Facebook.

But even if he was on social media with another name, it’s most likely that Savannah didn’t follow him.

Nick [From Growing Up Chrisley] Job, Net Worth

If you have been following Growing Up Chrisley then it shouldn’t be a mystery that Nick was hired as an assistant by Savannah Chrisley. Aside from that, he wasn’t known to have had other jobs at the time.

In light of that, Nick’s net worth couldn’t be established. 

But to give you a hint about what Nick’s salary might be — According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary of average celebrity assistance was $57,41 in 2021.

When Nick wasn’t filming, he loved hitting the gym and traveling. In fact, he was such a fitness fanatic that he encouraged Elliott to join the gym. But, Savannah did not seem like the idea. Instead, Savannah instructed Nick to deliver flowers to Elliott and not bother her with his plan.

Does Nick [From Growing Up Chrisley] Have A Girlfriend?

Nick’s love life wasn’t featured on Growing Up Chrisley. Instead, the show was more about Nick’s adventure with his employer Savannah who was “trying to figure things out” with her boyfriend Nic Kerdiles at the time.

Also, did you notice? Savannah’s boyfriend’s name “Nic” sounds just like “Nick”. Even Chase pointed out this fact in a combined interview with Savannah. He also hinted that Nick’s name and his charm might also be the reason why Savannah hired him.

In case you missed it, Savannah first met Nic on Instagram in 2017, and the two got engaged the following year. Unfortunately, after 2 years of being finances, they decided to call it quits in the fall of 2020.

Aside from Chase, many Growing Up Chrisley viewers were also dubious about the reason why Savannah hired Nick. Some even felt like Savannah was being hard on Nick because of Nic.

A fan wrote, 

“Botox wow this episode of growing up Chrisley on USA poor nick savannah u are too pushy u need to relax let nick be nick.”

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