Charity Kase from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK found herself in a controversy regarding her past tweets. A user unearthed her tweets that defamed the Black community. So, she received backlashes from the user on the platform.

Scroll down this Charity Kase Wiki to learn more about her apology, her partner, age, and real name.

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Charity Kase Tweets, Apology, Out Of Drag Race UK?

Past with a loose end always found a way to hunt a person down and looks like Charity Kase’s past came for her. Back in 2014, she wrote a series of racist tweets. Charity wrote the ‘N’ word multiple times on her tweets as well as numerous examples of cultural appropriation.

On 23 August 2021, Charity accepted her wrongdoing and called her words “disgusting and offensive language in a casual, colloquial way” as a teenager but insisted she’s now “changed and matured”.

Charity wrote a lengthy apology note and posted it on her Twitter. She mentioned that she was a stupid teenager without any knowledge of the effect of the words and cultural misappropriation. She further insisted that they don’t represent the person she is now and what she stands for now.

At the end of the post, Charity wrote, “I have changed and grown and am committed to growing further to using the platform and privilege I have to amplify the voices of people of color.”

The apology received mixed reactions. Many believed that he hasn’t changed whereas other allowed him to show them he did change. The rest of the users took his support and claimed that he shouldn’t be judged for his past mistakes.

Charity Kase Age

Charity Kase was born on 16 November 1996. She turned 24 years old in November 2020.

Her Family, Hometown

Charity Kase was born to her father Phil Whitfield and her mother Mandy Whitfield in her hometown of Preston, Lancashire, England.

Her father appeared a few times on his socials and she wrote a few tweets about her father, besides that, no information surfaced on her father.

As for her mother, she is on Facebook. According to her Facebook, she worked at The Shake Factory from June of 2018. Before that, she worked at the Premier Inn and worked as a Former Housekeeper at Premier Inn. Before Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, she lived in Bielefeld, Germany from 1983 to 1991.

Charity’s parents have been married to each other since 30 June 1990. The other member of the family includes his sister.

Charity Kase Real Name, Pronouns

Charity Kase’s real name is Harry Whitfield. She uses the pronoun She/Her while in drag and he/him when out of drag.

Her Height, Without Makeup

Charity Kase stands tall at the height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters).


Charity Kase with her mom without makeup (Pic: Mandy Whitfield’s FB)

The drag artist was diagnosed with HIV-positive in 2015 because as an 18-year-old kid attending the nightlife, people took advantage of her. Charity didn’t know much about HIV; she was uneducated about the topic, so she was devastated. Hence, drag became her escape.

Her Instagram, Facebook

On Instagram, Charity goes by the name (@charitykase). She had 921 posts in total and gathered 152k followers with a verified account as of Aug 2021. She is on Twitter with 6,168 followers. Moreover, her Facebook account had 3,555 followers and her Facebook page had 6k followers.

Charity is also on TikTok (@charitykase) where she had 20.5k followers and earned 288.5k likes for her videos.

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Charity Kase Net Worth

Drag artist Charity Kase sits on a total net worth of $600 thousand.

Charity Kase while talking to CELEB MIX shared that she has always been fascinated by fantasy worlds and magic for as long as she could remember. After she started going to the drag shows, drag queens like Anna Phylactic and Cheddar Gorgeous and Raja on Drag race inspired her to start creating her looks. She has been doing drag for 7 years as of August 2021. Initially, she experimented with makeup.

Coming from a village, where people haven’t seen expression from drag artists, so Charity didn’t fit all around. But, she never let that stop her at all. He was also into Tim Burton which inspired his work. She also opted for YouTube videos for her skills.

Moreover, the support that he received from his family and friends for his work inspired him even more to pursue drag. In January of 2017, Charity announced that she will be doing 100 days challenge creating a different persona.

The first drag she created was a lizard and she couldn’t even recognize herself.

When Charity did her 100th creation, she further announced that she would be extending it to 365 days as she felt even more creative. Charity shared in the interview that she decided to do the 365 challenge to improve her makeup skill. He decided to continue from 100 to 365 after receiving requests to continue making it.

She was featured in Vogue for its beauty routine along with other magazines. As Charity expressed, she is a mythical being, bubbly, fun, and quite scary.

Talking about education, Charity studied full-time art and design. She found out she was into textile and sewing. But halfway through, she transferred college to London. She got sucked up into the nightlife scene so she dropped out of college.

After dropping out, Charity became a scene kid. She worked as a host.

Now Charity sells merch from her website that includes T-Shirts and hoodies of different sizes and designs.

Charity Kase Partner: Is She Married Or Dating?

As of 2021, Charity Kase might isn’t married but she could be dating her partner. But, there are no hints regarding her dating life. On top of that, Charity never shared any details on her possible boyfriend on her socials. Most of the IG content of Charity Kase was her works. So, details on her partner remained anonymous.

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