Max Boot is an American journalist and a military historian, famous for his historical books about the military: The Road Not Taken, The Savage Wars of Peace, War Made New, etc. And also as for being an analyst for MSNBC and CNN. Jeanette Kathleen Boot is a lawyer and wife of Max Boot.

Read more about the wife of one of the most influential journalists and historians in America today.

Jeannette Kathleen Boot Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Jeannette Kathleen Boot was born on 5 September 1969. Her age, as of Dec 2020, was 51 years old.

And having her birthday on the 5th of September, her zodiac sign was Virgo.

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Jeannette Kathleen Boot Bio — Family, Hometown, Maiden Name

Here we have zero information. Nada. Nothing about her family before marriage, or her maiden name–it couldn’t be Kathleen–or her hometown. Nothing.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Jeannette Kathleen Boot stands at a perfect height of 5 ft 5 inches and has a modest weight of 59 kgs.

Distinct features of Jeannette Kathleen Boot: blond hair, dark brown eyes, very pronounced high cheeks, and of course that radiant smile.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

We could not find Jeannette on social media. Neither of the three major social media platforms had the Jeannette Kathleen Boot we were looking for.

Her husband, however, had a huge following on Twitter, i.e. 324k followers by late-2020. Of course, he is one of the leading journalists in the country. He also had a Facebook page with 12k likes and 12.7k follows.

Interesting thing was, neither of Max’s social media had any mention of his wife.

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Jeannette Kathleen Boot Job, Net Worth, Education

This we know a lot about, partly because Jeannette was a professional of the highest quality and partly because she studied at some of the most prestigious educational institutes in America.

First, Jeannette got her Bachelor’s education from the University of California, Berkeley, and graduated with a BA degree in Slavic Languages and Literatures. Then she went to Harvard Law School and got her JD degree.

Also, in 2020, she was enrolled in Cornell University ILR School as a candidate for Master of Professional Studies, Organizational Leadership.

After finishing her education in Law School, Jeannette worked a job as an Associate for Debevoise & Pimpleton for over 5 years. Then she went on to work another job as a Counsel for Davis Polk & Wardwell. She worked there for over 4 years.

Briefly, she also worked as a General Counsel for Och-Ziff Capital Management. In April 2006, Jeannette opened her own law firm called WilmerHale. Now, for over 14 years, she has been working as a partner in WilmerHale.

Jeannette’s main job on the firm is that of a corporate lawyer. Her main expertise lies in the areas of Securities & Investment Fraud, Corporate and Transactional Securities, Investment Management, Derivatives and Futures, and so on.

She was awarded WilmerHale‘s 2008 Mentor of the Year Award.

Various sources had the data that Jeannette earned a salary of around 250 thousand plus every year from her job at her firm. Similarly, the sources inferred that her net worth, as of December 2020, was over $800 thousand.

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Jeannette Kathleen Boot & Max: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Jeannette Kathleen’s path crossed with Max Boot for the first time at the University of California, Berkeley. Both Max and Jeannette were in the same graduating class of 1991. They started dating in the university and married a few years afterward.

Although the exact date of the wedding was not known, it must have happened before 2001. Because by the time 9/11 happened, they were already married.

In a UC Berkeley issue after 9/11, it was mentioned that Jeannette was terrified that her husband (Max) might have died. Max used to work at the Wall Street Journal, right across the World Trade Center, at that time. So, the wedding must have happened a few years before.

Although Max’s political views were well known (socially liberal, fiscally conservative, pro-Israel, and a supporter of US military interventions), Jeannette’s politics were largely unknown.

In their over 20 years of married life, Max and Jeannette had had three kids: Abigail, William, and Victoria. Currently, Max and Jeannette lived with their three kids in an apartment in New York City.

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