Hello readers, our old friends! We have come to tell you again–about a model, musician, photographer, reality TV star. Our multitalented mystique is Valentina Cytrynowicz.

Valentina’s talents demand the readers read more about her, but there was also another facet in her story that might make the readers interested: her relationship with actor Booboo Stewart.

Valentina Cytrynowicz Age, Birthday, Zodiac

First, let’s start with Valentina’s age and birthday. Well, we do not really know about the latter, the exact date of her birthday that is. However, according to our sources, she was 23 years of age as of December 2020.

Since her birthday was not known, her zodiac sign was also not known.

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Valentina Cytrynowicz Bio — Ethnicity, Family, Education

Secondly, let’s talk about her family. Valentina came from a family with Brazilian-American ethnicity. Her father was a Brazilian pianist.

Her father (name unknown) moved to the United States to learn composition on jazz. Coming from a musical family, Valentina grew up listening to the greats of Jazz like Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughn, etc.

In her family, her sister, Marcella, also had a musical disposition. Although she picked a different career in the music field, that of a music video director and producer. Marcella had directed a music video for Snoop Dogg.

Valentina was born and raised in LA, California, Beverly Grove to be precise. She got her primary education as well as high school education in LA. She did not go to college. Instead, opted to pursue her music career. But she attended Amor Fati Music Academy to learn music.

Her family supported her decision. Also, her family endearing called her Tuna until she was 18 years of age.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Valentina Cytrynowicz was quite modest in her measurements. She had a slightly above the average height of 5 ft 6 inches and an average weight of around 51 kgs.

Her distinct features are silver curls of hair (most of the time; it changed to other colors as well) that had her nick-named “real-world Khaleesi”, pale skin with rosy cheeks, and piercing blue eyes.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Valentina had a considerable presence on social media. For a musician, she wasn’t the biggest of the names in social media but her reach couldn’t be neglected.

On Instagram, by Dec 2020, she had a total of 67.3 followers. On Twitter, she was almost non-existent with only 556 followers. Sarah had a Facebook page with a better following than Twitter. She had 6.3 likes and 6.8 follows on Facebook.

She also had a Youtube channel, where she posted her music (home guitar sessions as well as official music videos). As of today, she had almost 6k subscribers.

Valentina Cytrynowicz Job, Net Worth, Career

As we have already said, Valentina is a multi-faceted talent. However, she is primarily a musician. She started her music career with a song called Easy For U in 2017. She uploaded the song Soundcloud.

After the initial hit, Valentina did not find much success until mid-2019, when she released her first EP, Unmanagable. She wrote, recorded, and produced all the songs in the EP on her own.

The success of her EP brought her first major record label contract. In January 2020, she signed with Island Records. And she changed her stage name to Valentina Cy, shortening her last name. In July 2020, she released her major-label debut single titled “Bad“.

Before the release of her EP, she also contested on Fox‘s singing reality show called The Four. She was eliminated on the very first episode of the show.

Valentina Cytrynowicz’s net worth as of 2020 was around $200 thousand.

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Valentina Cytrynowicz & Booboo Stewart: Dating, How Did They Meet?

As of 2020, Valentina Cytrynowicz was dating a famous American actor, Booboo Stewart. Booboo is famous for his roles in movies like Twilight saga, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Descendants, Space Warriors, etc.

It was not really known when, where, and how they met each other. Their dating history was also rather sudden. During the mid-2020, they started to appear on each other’s Instagram. Valentina was first featured on Booboo’s Instagram in April 2020. And the earliest Booboo appeared on Valentina’s IG was in June 2020.

Booboo seemed to have directed the music video for Valentina’s song called Wind.

Also, there was not much known about how their relationship was progressing. They were not frequent with public sharing of their dating life. There were only a handful of posts about each other on either’s social media.


Valentina Cytrynowicz and her boyfriend Booboo Stewart being rather cozy circa November 2020 (PC: Valentina’s IG)

They were keeping things low and slow. Future will probably bring more exciting news about their relationship. Only, if they do have a future, Booboo must acknowledge the fact that Valentina wants to live in Italy someday. And do something about it.

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