Wendy Lang is the wife of progressive political commentator and journalist, Cenk Uyghur. If you do not know Cenk Uyghur, he is the founder of The Young Turks, a left-wing media platform. He also used to be a member of Justice Democrats, a political action committee within the Democratic Party.

Read the article below to know more about Wendy Lang, and interesting wikis about her like her age, job, net worth, etc.

Wendy Lang Age, Birthday, Zodiac

The exact date of birth of Wendy Lang was not known. However, according to some of the sources, she was over 40 years of age as of 2020.

Considering that her husband, Cenk, was born on 21 March 1970 and was 50 years of age by now, our best estimate about Wendy’s age was that she must be somewhere in her mid-40s.

Since her exact birthday was not known, her zodiac sign was also unknown.

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Wendy Lang Wiki — Heritage, Family, Hometown

Not much was known about her family. There was no information about her parents or siblings in the family.

However, her Facebook profile said that Wendy Wang spoke Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese Mandarin, apart from English. It might mean that Wendy came from a Chinese immigrant family.

Also according to her Facebook profile, her hometown was Los Angeles. Also, she was currently living in LA.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Wendy Lang stands at quite a short height for an average American woman (maybe not so much for a Chinese woman). She garners a height of 5 ft 2 inches. Meanwhile, she has a modest weight of 52 kgs.

Her distinct features included her brown-auburn hair, which she wore below her shoulders. She also had a beautiful eye and an acute wide smile.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Facebook, Twitter

It was hard to reach Wendy on any social media platform. The authors of this article could not even find her on Instagram and Twitter.

The authors did find her on Facebook. But it did not look like she used Facebook very often. Her last post was in 2016 and since then there was nothing. Her Facebook was only good for extracting information about her, which we gladly did.

Wendy Lang Net Worth, Job, Education

Wendy received her master’s education from the University of Southern California. She attended the university between 2002 and 2004 and graduated with a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling.

Where Wendy got her high school education, Bachelor’s education, or what she studied was unknown.

After finishing her graduate education, she worked for 13 years (2004-2017) for Acro Consultants as a Mental Health Therapist. In between (from 2006 to 2011), she also had a job working for the County of Los Angeles as a Children’s Social Worker.

In November 2010, she founded her own company called Beverly Hills Child and Family Counseling. And she has currently had a job in her own company, as a president as well as a therapist and counselor.

According to Psychology Today, Wendy charged $160 to $240 per counseling session in her practice. Furthermore, the average salary of a marriage/family therapist in the LA area $53k.

The exact net worth of Wendy Change was not known. However, her husband, Cenk Uyghur, had a total net worth of over $5 million.

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Wendy Lang & Cenk Uygur: Dating, Wedding, Kids

As you already know, Wendy Land is married to Cenk Uyghur. It was not known when they met or when they started dating. Cenk had not spoken about his married life in his media and Wendy was largely absent from the limelight.

However, they went on their honeymoon in December 2008. It stands to reason to say that the wedding happened sometime during late 2008, maybe a short while before their honeymoon.

Wendy and Cenk had two kids together. However, neither their name nor their age could be found on the internet.


Wendy Lang with her husband Cenk Uyghur (PC: Google)

Before being a progressive journalist, Cenk used to be a conservative Republican who had no qualms about saying racist and derogatory things. In fact, he had a history of making racing and objectifying things about East-Asian women.

Of course, that was when Cenk was in his late-teen years. Since then, Cenk had changed and become a progressive liberal. And in a complete turn of events, he was married to a Chinese woman for over 12 years and had two kids with her.

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