Here we are once again presenting to you an article about the wife (former this time) of a reality star. Today’s reality star is Corey Harrison and the former wife of his (about whom this article is) is Kiki Harrison.

So, buckle up and get ready to learn more about another interesting person: Kiki Harrison.

Kiki Harrison Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Kiki Harrison was born on 23 September 1985, meaning she was 35 years of age, as of December 2020.

And with her birthday on the 23rd of September, her zodiac sign was Libra.

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Kiki Harrison Wiki — Family, Maiden Name, Hometown

Kiki’s hometown is San Diego, California. She was born and raised in San Diego. The name of her parents in her family was not known. However, she had some Native American heritage in her family.

Kiki’s maiden name was Nejo. Her full name was actually Korina Nejo and people called her Kiki lovingly.

Talking about her family, there were two unknown siblings. She had an elder sister called Erika and a younger brother called Chris.

Height, Weight, Plastic Surgery

Kiki Harrison stands at a slightly below the average height of 5 ft 3 inches, and she weighs 55 kgs.

There were also some plastic surgery rumors, especially of breast implants. Her Instagram posts towards early 2017 showed her breasts augmented. They might not really be implants but only accentuated breasts, but speculations were rife after that.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Kiki was huge on social media, especially on Instagram. On Instagram, she had a total of 176k followers by Dec 2020. Her large Instagram followers are praiseworthy because she was not that big of a celebrity, and he was not that frequent with her posts either.

Her hot and revealing photos, however, could be the reason behind her large following. She also had a Facebook profile but not a page like most other celebrities.

Kiki Harrison Net Worth, Job, Education

Talking about her job, Kiki Harrison worked for the Indian Gambling joints in the Pala Tribe. Pala Indian Reservation area is located in San Luis Rey Reiver valley in California. The name of the joint she worked for was Pala Casino Spa and Resort. What job exactly Kiki had in the casino was not known.

For her education, Kiki went to the University of Southern California, according to her Facebook profile. Her profile, however, did not say what subject she studied at the university. Also, there was no information about her high school education.

According to some of the sources, Kiki had a total net worth of $600 thousand.

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Kiki Harrison & Corey: Married, Divorce, Kids

Kiki Harrison was once married to Corey Harrison. Corey was the star of History Channel‘s reality TV series Pawn Stars. The show was about World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, which Corey and his father Rick Harrison owned.

The show also starred Corey’s grandfather, Richard Harrison, and his childhood friend Austin “Chumlee” Russel.

There was no mention of when Kiki and Corey met, but they got married in 2017. And they had been married for just over a year when they filed for divorce. That was mysterious considering that only a few months before they had announced that they were going to have the first of their kids.

They had even decided that they were going to name the baby Richard Benjamin Harrison (if the baby was a boy, maybe). However, the couple decided to divorce each other, and there was no mention of kids ever since. No news of what happened to the baby.


Kiki Harrison and her husband announced their new kid in 2018 (PC:

Also, Corey deleted all of their photos together from their Instagram. But Kiki did not.

Then, apparently, the couple got together towards the end of 2019 once more. Corey posted a photo of a wrist with Harrison tattooed on it in red ink. The caption really hinted that it was Kiki and the two of them were back together.

But since then again there was no news of them being together. Before Kiki, Corey was married to his high school girlfriend Charlene but they had divorced in 2015, long before he met Kiki.

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