Dr. Emma McMullen is a doctor. Duh! But since most of us don’t care about some lame doctor, Dr. McMullen should be somebody else too, somebody important, somebody worth knowing.

Because one needs to be some kind of a celebrity to be a worthy person in our celebrity culture dominated world, and because Dr. Emma is worthy enough for us to cover her, she was must be a celebrity. Well, she was one of the casts of TLC‘s When Skin Goes Wrong.

If you want to know more about Dr. Emma, read on.

Dr. Emma McMullen Age, Birthday, Zodiac

On this front, we know nothing about Dr. Emma McMullen. Across the web, there was no information about Dr. Emma’s age or birthday, or zodiac sign.

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Dr. Emma McMullen Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

We don’t like it either but we drew blank on this one too. Well, not completely blank but there was no information about the names of any of her family members.

There were sightings on social media, sure. There was a 2017 birthday post for a grandma who turned had turned 96. And there were other family members in the photo. But there were no names.

Also, we were not exactly sure about her hometown. She currently practiced in Manchester, UK. Also, she was trained in Manchester. She got her undergraduate education in medicine in Manchester. She had graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree.

So, it was likely that her hometown was also Manchester but it was hard to tell for sure.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Dr. Emma McMullen had an amazing figure with a height of 5 ft 7 inches and a very enviable weight for that height, 55 kgs.

Talking about her distinct features, she has dark black hair, which she wears either free and long or neatly tied in a ponytail. She also possesses grey eyes. Light dimples form on the side of her cheeks when she smiles.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Well, Dr. Emma McMullen is a celebrity, but she is not that big of a celebrity. She might become one soon but she wasn’t one yet. So, unlike most other reality show celebrities, Dr. Emma’s social media reach was still small.

On Instagram, as of Dec 2020, she had 13 posts, dating from 2017, and had a total of 197 followers. Similarly, on Twitter, where she averaged about one post every month, she had only 41 followers.

We could not find her on Facebook.

Dr. Emma McMullen Net Worth, Career, When Skin Goes Wrong

Okay, on this front we probably know too much (not really but we know enough). Emma McMullen is a British dermatologist who is an expert on allergic reactions to drugs, acne, skin ulceration, hidradenitis suppurativa, etc.

As we have already stated, she has a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree. She is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (FRCP).

Furthermore, she was once a consultant with the National Health Service of the United Kingdom. Her GMC membership number was 4720078. Currently, she also held the position of a Clinical Director in Dermatology at the Salford Royal Foundation Trust.

Moreover, she was also on the cast of TLC‘s reality series called When Skin Goes Wrong. The show was about four British dermatologists, including Dr. Emma, as they deal with different kinds of skin ailments like cysts, tumors, lumps, etc.

Dr. Emma’s fellow cast in the When Skin Goes Wrong were London doctors Dr. Dev Shah, Dr. Adil Sheraz, and Dr. Natalia Spierings.

When Dr. Emma is not involved in solving her patients’ skin problems, she loves yoga, running, travel, skiing, and reading.

According to our sources, an average dermatologist in England earns about £86k ($115k) every year. Her net worth was over $1 million.

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Dr. Emma McMullen Husband, Married, Kids

Dr. Emma Emma is a married woman with a husband and two kids. Her husband’s name was Paul Jesinger. Not much was known about Paul himself, where he worked, what was his profession.

Also, her kids’ names were unknown. But her husband and kids were frequently featured on her Instagram.


Dr. Emma Mcullen and her husband Paul Jesinger circa 2017 (PC: Emma’s IG)

Dr. Emma lived with her husband and two kids in Southern Manchester.

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