Say Yes To The Dress star, Randy Fenoli might have been private about his life but he didn’t hold back from posting pictures of his mother Jeanette Fenoli over his socials. So, this had us intrigued about who the beautiful lady really was. 

Stay with this Jeanette Fenoli Wikipedia and figure it out with us.

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Is Randy Fenoli’s Mother, Jeanette Fenoli Dead?

No, Randy Fenoli’s mother, Jeanette Fenoli was alive as of July 2021.

However, she wasn’t doing so well then. On top of being cooped up because of COVID-19, Jeanette had to undergo 25 treatments of radiation therapies to cure her breast cancer then.

Also, she previously has been through a mastectomy, a broken leg, loss of a kidney, and colon cancer surgery. 

Details about her misfortunes:

  • Mastectomy: Due to breast cancer. 
  • Colon cancer surgery: Performed in Dec 2020 after being diagnosed early (cancer had no spread). The surgery was supposed to be quick and easy but Jeanette’s hemoglobin was at a 5 (which generally should be around 13). So, they had had some complications. Luckily, it went well and she recovered well later.
  • Leg surgery: She took a bad fall in May 2020, and broke her leg. Thus, they put a rod down her her Tibia bone. The leg took 6-8 weeks to heal.
  • Kidney loss: One of Jeanette’s kidneys was removed in 2021 after it was diagnosed to have failed.

During all through Jeanette’s trials, her son Randy was always there beside her. And not only she was in the prayers of her son, but also the thousands of his followers who kept asking about her.

Jeanette Fenoli Age

Jeanette Fenoli was born on August 2, 1924. That made her 97 years of age in 2021.

As per her birthday, Jeanette is of the Leo zodiac.

Jeanette Fenoli Hometown

In 2021, Jeanette Fenoli resided in Boynton Beach, FL. Before that, she lived in Alexandria LA; which might also be her hometown.

Her Distinct Features

Jeanette Fenoli is still gorgeous despite her age. She has brown eyes, reddish hair, and a beautiful smile. Also, at the first glance, she might look identical to her son Randy.

Moreover, the fact that she rode bikes, made her even more charismatic than she already was.

Her Instagram, Facebook

As of July 2021, Jeanette had no social media presence. But who needs one, when you are being featured over your son’s socials all the time.

Yes, go find her over Randy’s socials that boasted 821K, 975K, and 68.1K followers over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter respectively.

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Jeanette Fenoli Net Worth

Jeanette Fenoli garnered a net worth of over $500 thousand by 2021.

Talking about her career, she is a retired army nurse who served in the Dewitt and Oakland Regional hospitals from around 1944 to 1947. Her job was mostly to treat the WWII soldiers returning from the war.

On the occasion of the 117 birthday of the Army Nurse Corps, Jeanette Fenoli was honored by England Oaks Active Adult Community in Feb 2018.

Recently, on June 12, Jeanette was also honored along with eleven other women WW2 veterans for their incredible work in the military. The eldest guest of honor present there was Dorothy, who was 99 years old.

Did you know: Jeanette appeared on his son’s show Say Yes To The Dress before 2017.

Jeanette Fenoli Husband

Jeanette Fenoli didn’t exactly have a happy married life, thanks to her abusive husband. In fact, he was so abusive that Randy always prayed that he would be as far away from his father as possible.

Apart from Randy, Jeanette and her husband went on to have six kids together. 

Her daughter, Linda was also a nurse who got her nursing degree in 1970, but sadly passed away from aneurism six years later.

Another son, Rick went on to live on the cattle farm owned by his family. As of 2021, he lived there married to his wife Cherie. 

Back on Randy’s 50th birthday, Rick threw him a surprise party.

Details on Jeanette’s other kids weren’t available.

However, we do know that one of her sons was married to Marilyn Bruns Fenoli Herring and shared three kids named Klaire, Emma, and Olivia.

Jeanette’s daughter-in-law, Marilyn (born: May 15, 1952) is a Pinckneyville, Illinois native who graduated from Rend Lake College. She is a former analyst of the state of Louisiana and resided in Perryville, Missouri.

Overall, it seems like Randy was the closest kid to Jeanette. He always seemed to be there for her. And not just in time of need but also spending lazy afternoons; taking her out or cutting her hair.

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