RHOP star Gizelle Bryant’s love life is not only hers. We’ve known her daughters to often intervene in that matter and present their seals of approval/disapproval. But this time, the topic wasn’t “love”. Her eldest daughter, Grace Bryant decided to call Gizelle out for being “not very good with emotional support”.

So, what was Grace’s deal? Learn all about it over this Grace Bryant Wiki.

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Grace Bryant Age, Birthday

Grace Bryant was born on November 4, 2004. That made her 16 years of age in 2021; eligible for a driving permit. And in March, she got one!

Corresponding to her birthday, Grace is of the Scorpio zodiac.

Her Family: Parents, Siblings

Grace Bryant’s family is no mystery if you have been following RHOP from the start. Well, if you’re a newcomer then, she is the daughter of Gizelle Bryant and her husband Jamal H. Bryant. 

Talking a little about them, Gizelle is an RHOP star who was working actively with the city council of Birmingham, Alabama. Whereas, Jamal was known for his national television program Got Power? and also for being the pastor of an African Methodist Church called the Empowerment Temple.

Grace’s parents were married back in 2002 and split up 7 years later. However, they later rekindled their romance in 2019, but soon split up again.

According to Gizelle, she and Jamal were “best friends” then.

Now, fast forward to the pandemic 2021, Gizelle was realizing that she wasn’t exactly ready to get back into the dating game. She said that although the long-distance thing between Jamal and her wasn’t working, she could be herself for a little more.

Guess, Grace’s parents might be getting back together, again!

All of Grace’s siblings also approved of the matter.

As for her siblings, Grace has two little sisters (twins) named Adore, and Angel. They turned 15 on April 20, 2021. Also, Grace has two half-sisters from his father’s relationship with Crystal Madison and Michelle Wedderburn named Topaz and Naomi respectively.

Trivia: In March 2020, Grace asked her father Jamal to be her school prom date. Reportedly, the two performed a daddy-daughter dance later.

Grace Bryant Height

Grace Bryant might be the eldest of her siblings, but she was the shortest. She stood tall at height under 5 feet 2 inches while she was 16.

Mentioning her distinct features, Grace has dark eyes, straight hair, and a triangular face. Also, many fans believed that Grace looked just like her grandmother.

Grace Bryant Instagram, TikTok

As of July 2021, Grace wasn’t present on Instagram or Facebook. However, she was often featured over his mom’s IG @gizellebryant which boasted 570K followers then.

Find Grace over TikTok @gracebryant_. Most of her videos then were of upbeat dancing alongside her school friends.

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Her High School, Net Worth

Grace Bryant started her high school in August 2019. To drop her off on her first big day, Grace’s parents both were reunited. On August 23, that year, Gizelle took it to her IG with a picture alongside her ex-husband and Grace, and wrote,

“Excited & Proud! Grace is officially a HIGH SCHOOLER. I’m happy but sad, so many emotions.”

As of 2021, Grace was in her junior year, a year away from her graduation.

Since Grace was just a student then, her net worth couldn’t be estimated. But for perspective, take a look at her parent’s net worth (which she might inherit someday).

  • Gizelle Bryant: $4 million.
  • Jamal Bryant: $500 thousand.

Grace Bryant On RHOP

Grace Bryant made her first appearance on The Real Housewives of Potomac back in the 2016 ep titled “Mind Your Manners”. Since then, she has been over 26 episodes of the franchise as of 2021.

According to IMDB, she was also credited to 10 of the RHOP archive footages.

From not fancying her mother’s boyfriend to blaming her for “not very good with emotional support,” Grace has done it all. But Gizelle loves her daughter with all her heart, and we’re pretty sure, so does Grace.

Grace Bryant Dating, Boyfriend

Grace Bryant might be involved with her mother’s dating life, but as to her own, she said she can “date whoever she wants”.

In one of the recent (July 2021) episodes, we could see Gizelle opening up a discussion with her daughters about who not to date. She tells Grace about the time she was dating a gang member while attending college. To which, Grace responds, “Did you go on drives with him to drop off drugs?” Phew!

The conversation then moves on to Grace talking about rappers being “the best” when it came to dating and disagreeing with her mother’s preference to date athletes.

Seems like rappers have a good chance at being Grace’s next boyfriend. Sorry athletes.

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